Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic
Finish the Story 2 Age of Mystic
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Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic is the sequel to Finish the Story.


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Tabuu: They won the battle, but the war is far from over. Take a glimpse into the future...

Tabuu shows the future to Red Gai and Grima. In the future, the trophy of every smasher, is held up in a room, and the power gems locked up. He swipes to the final battle where Link, Falcon, and Luigi, covered in dirt, desperately try to defeat Red Gai, but fail.


Red Gai: IS THAT... ME?

???: Yes.

Grima: WHO DARES!?

???: Their victory... 'tis fate, I am Mystic, decider of fate.

Tabuu: Mystic, you honor us with your presence

Mystic: I control what happens across all realms... the smashers where meant to reign victorious over you, but this time, Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic, we will reign victorious!

Tabuu: The smashers cannot defy fate itself. They are surely doomed.

Mystic: However, it takes a long time for me to change one fate. I need power. LOTS.

Red Gai: A source of energy, hmm? How about the very one who sent us in this Rift! Eevee.


Fox: Mega Man, you still can't get me!

Mega Man: Oh, yeah? Try this Metal Blade attack!

The Metal Blade hit a switch placed by Mystic, which Mega Man automatically discovered they were warped through a portal, and an explosion at the end. When he saw the kingdoms, this was the only answer:

Mega Man: Oh, no. Not this again!

Lucina: We are lucky that this time, all of us are together. With Zelda and Peach this time.

Zelda: I can't believe you editors forgot about me!

Fox: It's too early to break the 4th wall!


Tabuu: We forgot to seperate them again!

Grima: So it was you who sent the smashers to the realms?

Mystic: Yes.

Red Gai: We had too much screentime, cut to the smashers.

Mystic: 'Their fate is written. I know the future, and will alter events for it to happen soone- WAIT! I'm about to-

{Cut to smashers}

Link: We are back at the kingdoms...

Goku: Wait, we left Gohan at subspace! My son, Chi-Chi is going to kill me!

Sonic: Who's Gohan and Chi-Chi.

Goku: Read up the Dragon Ball Wiki.

Roy: なぜ悟空は私たちと一緒にいるのですか?

Mewtwo: Goku, can you explain to us previously why you have a trophy form?

Goku: I don't know, I just spent time with you guys.

???: Kakarot!

Pac-Man: !?

???: LOL JK, I'm not a DBZ character.

Wario: Then who are you?

???: I am Vegeta, prince of all Sayains!

Goku: Stop, you have a horrible impersonation of Vegeta.

???: Fine I'll stop!

Samus: I he, she, whoever. Are you FREAKING CLOAKED!?

???: Maybe, catch me if you can!!

Rosolina: I have decided the most appropriate phrase of words arranged with neatly put adjectives, verbs, and nouns to say at this current situation we are in-

Mario: "Get them"? Plus why are you speaking so classy?

Rosolina: I was about to utter the very same words you have sai-

Luigi: Just GO!

Everyone chases the unknown character, who is suprisingly fast. Even Sonic could not catch up.

Sonic: Who is this person!?

Mewtwo: They are not from Smash Bros. We must answers on how we got here.

Robin: Rexcalibar!

Mario: Golden Firball!

The runner absorbs both projectiles. Link tries to use his telepathy to catch the character, but he could not.

Link: (Oh no! When we jumped realms we must have forgotten our kingdom skills!)

Rosolina: The target is escaping our feild of pursuit!

???: You where SO close to catching me! See ya- oop!

Fallen, the target is surrounded by the smashers.

Lucina: Father! What happened to your personality?

Chrom: I don't know. Weird things have happened and I wasn't myself. Was I FREAKING CLOAKED!?

Everyone: Yes.

Mario: Look! Lessons on the kingdoms!

Unknown Villan: Gotcha!

Eevee: What!? Aaaahhhhh!!!

When they looked behind them, Eevee was trapped in a net. she was unable to use her power, and struggled to get out.

Lucina: Get her out of that net!

But when they tried to get her out, a HUGE shockwave hit everyone surrounding the net.

Pit: Yikes! Separated twice in a roooooooooooow!!!! Ding!


Donkey Kong: OH AHA AH- *Bink*

Ryu: Gyah! *Dink*

All the fighters are scattered miles and miles apart. Eevee is taken away by the unknown villian, who laughed an evil laugh.


Red Gai:... And when I exit the rift, I want to have an army of soldiers, soldiers more powerful than the smashers!

Grima: I also want the Grimleal to be summoned so I can fight with them!

Mystic: Who do you want to possess?

Tabuu: My minione have arrived with Eevee.

Eevee: Let me go!

Mystic: this one has just enough energy for me to make the universe implode! Lock her up.

Grima: Shouldn't the gender be decided by the readers?

Tabuu: Enough talk, take the energy away.

Eevee: Why aren't you guys talki-

Red Gai: TELEPATHY BABY! Collect the energy from her!

{Kingdom of swag}

Rosalina: After the shockwave set by the unidentified antagonist, I have been seperated from my allies. I must conjure a plan to escape at once!

$W@G Ð@WG: Wattup' homie! Whats cooking?

Rosalina. But I spot no ovens or any sort of food in the premises.

$W@G Ð@WG: (She's going to be difficult)  

Pit: Arggghhhh....Well, that happened. Hey, what's that? Another portal?

???: Aaaaaaaaaa-

Pit: Who's that?

???: -aaaaaahhhhhh!

The mysterious figure crashed under a bush in the forest when he fell. Pit checked it out, only to find a little boy.

Pit: Who are you?

???: T-Tempo...

Pit: From the game HarmoKnight?

Tempo: Y-y-yeah... Baby Mii: (translated) where am I? I'm lost in the forest. Waaahhh, save me!

Mii Swordfighter: That was only my past! Stop showing those embarrassing clips!

{Kingdom of Swag}

$W@G Ð@WG: It's an expression!

Rosolina: Really? It would be unfortunate if your Sister actually commited fraturcide simply because you negleted to purchase expired milk for her removed-

$W@G Ð@WG: BE QUIET! I need to find my bone!

Rosalina: Fascinating. A Canus Lupus Familiaris that can speak in homo sapien terms.

$W@G $I$: Brother, what is taking so long?

$W@G Ð@WG: Trying to teach this nuthead how to understand slang!

{Kingdom of Electricity}

Greninja: (Where am I?)

Greninja (Translated): Kingdom....OF ELECTRICITY!? THAT'S THE WORST PLACE TO END UP! Hey, what's that rectangle?

A white rectangle was stuck in the ground. When Greninja looked at it, he saw it was...

Greninja (Translated): PONG!? I played with you earlier today.

??? Bowser Jr:DAD?


Bowser Jr:MS LANA!

Lana:So you are here too in this place

Bowser Jr:What is this place?

Lana:The Kingdom Of Zelda!

Bowser Jr:So zelda has her own Kingdom huh

Lana:Yes this is the home of many cosplayers!

Bowser Jr:Oh have more kingdom's started to appear

Lana:Yes i think so

Bowser Jr:Hmm i geuss we should go in?


{Kingdom of Time}

Time Master: Let her through!

The workers open the time portal to reveal a character coming out of it.

Time Master: Who are you again?

Mystic: You may call me... "Mystic"

Time Master: Why have you come here?

Mystic: I have come to take control over the clockworks...

Clockworks worker: You and wh-


A whole bunch of barbarians, mercenaries, wizards, and knights surround the time brigade.

Grimleal Soldier: What should we do to them boss?

Grima: Kill them off. We need full control of the clockworks to bend the fates of our enemies to our will.

Clockworks worker: No- I have a family, no, NOO!

The Grimleal kill everyone in the building, the Time Master rewinds time to tell himself to not open the door, but in that timeline, the Grimleal broke through and the events repeated. Mustic herself murders the Time Master.

Tabuu: With the clockworks at our control, all we need now it to give Grima a body to possess, and voctory will be ours!

Red Gai: I have the perfect host for you, goddess of light sound good to you?

Grima: Being genderless, yes, that will do.

Mystic: Her path will cross with ours in time

Everyone: *Evil Laugh*

{On the Beach}

Mario: Hey, that's one of the-a characters that came from the-a portal!

Mario went to the character, and after Mario helped him up, he was shocked.

Mario: Is that...A-ME!?

Unknown Mario: I was thinking the exact same-a thing! Except I date all the way back to Wrecking Crew!


Pokemon Trainer: Have I not spoken until now? Anyways, I was just going through the kingdoms collecting some $W@G along with my Squirtle and Ivysaur, but I still can't find Charizard.

Roy (Japanese) : Can you just join us?

Pokemon Trainer: Okay.

Wrecking Mario: Hey, guys! But...A bit of a question. This may be random, but why am I still 8-Bit?

Mr. Game and Watch (Translated) : I don't know. Maybe it's because you originally looked like that.

Shulk: Did you come from that portal that launched new fighters?

Wrecking Mario: Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Charizard (Translated) : Hi guys. Wazzup?

Pokemon Trainer: It's Charizard! Go, Squirtle!

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Pokemon Trainer: Use Splash!

Ness: This is NOT an RPG!

Villager: Yeah!

{Kingdom Of Zelda}




Bowser Jr:Wow look at ms Fansevrice over here

Lana:Umm excuse can you help me

???:Okay whats going on


Luna:Look its my twin

Lana:We dont want any trouble

Luna:Sure *she smirks

Bowser Jr:Wow what happened

Lana:I dont know but we have to find out

{Cosplayers Square}

Lana:Hi there

???:Look its Luna


Lana:Who are you

???:I am Gunnon

???2:I am Zunt

Lana:Okay are you evil

Zunt:Yes we are very evill ha ha

Gunon:No we are not but our prisoners have escaped from our prison

Lana:Who are they

Gunon and Zunt look at each other


Gunon and Zunt:NOOOOOOOO!

Bowser Jr:My friend is named Phillps

Lana:We will find these

Sonic:Why Am I Stuck In A Meme Land?

Tails:Sonic,We Are Here Too Now.

Knuckles :We Are Making One Time Apperences In This Story?

Amy:I Still Got My Hammer.

Sticks:You Are Back And We Are Back From Doctor Eggman.


King:Mah Boi,Scrub My Dinner.

Mario:Mama Mia.

King:Well,It's My Challenge Fod,I Am King.

Riki:Hey Shulk,Can Riki Go In Story?

Shulk:You're Already In The Story.

Marth:(Translate) Hey Sonic And His Friends Are Trapped By Eggman,Metal Sonic,Sliver,And Lyric.

Wario:Yes! Something Is Not Off Topic.

Sonic The Fast Hedgehog:Help Us Now. My Freinds Will Be Happy If U Do.

Meme Land

???:We are coming for you sonic

???2:Yes us Sonic fanboy's will find you

???3:Who dares cross the barrier of Meme Land

Sonic Fanboy:We will to save Sonic

???3:Hmphh you must get past me

???:Yes but i am Sanic and i will use the power of memes to attack you

???3:Yet Sanic you forget i am The Troll Face


Troll Face does some glitchy move that does some damage to Sanic he takes 5 Damage

Sonic Fanboy:THIS IS NOT AN RPG!

Sonic Fanboy uses...


Sanic:Never give up

Troll Face:Heh you will never deafet me Tabbu will take Meme Land and i shall rule it with my fellow troll brothers


Troll face attacks Sanic incasing him in a prison cell


Sanic dispears into Subspace

Subspace Troll Face:Master i got another one

Tabbu:Hmm just Sanic good thing he has been hanging around those losers which means i can turn him into a trophy!

Eevee:Hmmph you will never fully turn me into a Trophy


Mystic:Hm good thing Eggman is going to turn Sonic into a trophy

{Kingdom Of Time}

Palutena had recieved an invitation to the kingdom of time from Mystic. Having no idea who she is, or that she is evil, the invite is accepted. She is welcomed by Mystic into the Clockworks Tower, that has been taken over by the evil group.

Palutena: Hmm... so why do you want me here?

Mystic: Wait here, I will bring freinds... *Leaves*


Mystic: Tabuu, I want you to coax here into our trap. You will talk to her and act freindly.

Red Gai: then Grima will walk in and give here this possesion ring. It then currently bonds her life to yours, meaning when you die, she dies, when she takes it off, she will die still.

Grima: She wears the very same ring, so Pit will not become suspisious after we swap it off.

Tabuu leaves the group and enters the main area where Palutena is. She is shocked to see Tabuu, believing he was banished to subspace, but keeps cool and plays dumb.

Tabuu: Hello.

Palutena: Lovely day we have, right?

(Insert very long freindly conversation that I am too lazy to type here.)

Tabuu: Yes. My freind simply was so excited to see you. He has so many questions.

Palutena: Like...

Grima: I will tell him the answers. But first, put this ring on.

Palutena: Why? You want to marry me?

Grima: What!? NO! This ring will- you can fly-

Palutena: I already can fl-


Palutena decides to put the ring on her finger after taking off the current one she has. She feels a painful snap and Grima seizes the chance to possess her.

Palutena: What did you just do to me!?

Grima: Your life is now bound to mine! I will possess you, and if the smashers ever take me out of you or defeat me, you will die in the process!

Palutena is then possessed by Grima. Grima feels a powerful surge of energy. The villians laugh an evil, hearty laugh.

Shulk:Riki,Wand Do More At The Story?

Riki:Riki Save Sonic.

Captain Falcon:Let Me Handle This Now. Falcon Punch!

Shrek:Stay Out Of My Swamp?

Mewtwo:who Said That Now In This Meme Land

Shrek:This Is My Swamp. Who Punched Me?

Captain Falcon:I Did.

Shrek:One Out Brawl! All

Characters That Said It Before:This Is Not A R pg.

Seamus:This Is A Actully A Fighting Game. Riki Robot Chick Can Shut Up. Riki Make Giod Anocemoent Niw. Riki Fully In Story. (slice)

Riki:Crap,Evreyone Think Riki Suck.

Olimar:No Swearing.

Shulk:Riki,You Shall Only Be Allowed To Save The Sega Crew.

Riki: Sorry, Shulk! Riki was counted as official fighter by PEASHOOTERFAN!

Shulk: ...I'm really not feeling it!

{Forest of Hope}

Tempo: ...So...I used to be full of pride...But ever since I nearly died from an explosion, things...Just changed.

Pit: What happened while you were in there?

Tempo: Something about "New gems."

Pit: WHAT!? That's really important news! We can't let anyone else hear that!

Tempo: Okay. Let's go!

{Forest of Hope}

After making Palutena's life bound to his, Grima is sent out by Mystic to act like the actual Palutena and lead Pit to Red Gai to be consumed. But somwthing is amiss...

Grima (Palutena): What? Mystic never told me anything about a young boy.

Mystic (Telepathy): TEMPO! He is one of the 5 future warriors who came to stop me from defeating the smashers! Find a way to eliminate him without making the angel boy curious.

Grima (Palutena): Without delay, Writer of Fate.

Grima conceals his voice, makes himsf appear less black and grey, and approaches Pit an Tempo.

Tempo: So the gems are objects that give you and the others super powers?

Pit: You can say that. Palutena?

Grima (Palutena): Hello- *Cough* Hello Pit.

Tempo: Who is that?

Pit: goddess of light, she tells me what to do alot. The writer knows little of Kid Icarus.

CoachSDot: QUITE!!

Grima (Palutena): I know a "Secret Place" we can hide in.

Pit: okay, Lady Palutena? You don't seem well.

Grima: (Palutena): Oh, um...I just have a cold.

Tempo: Seems suspicious, better be careful.

{Meme Land}

Sonic:Donkey Kong, help Amy now in The Meme Land.

Eggman:Get Your Freinds.

Donkey Kong:No, I Found The Key.

Knuckles :Thanks.

Sliver:Fight Us!

{Forest of Hope}

Tempo: I still don't know if this is a good idea...AACK! OW!

Pit: What's going on!?

Tempo was in pain, and his hands were on his head. He heard something blurry in his brain.


Tempo: Ow...Something is not right...Someone here is radiating evil energy...

Pit: Evil energy?

Grima (Palutena): (Their on to me! I need to eliminate Tempo.) Oh look! An area intricately littered with enemies and musical notes as if the person putting it together expects a little boy with an instrument for a weapon to run through and create music!

Tempo: (Wait... Gokario told me before I traveled back that Grima possessed someone, and then came here to manipulate Pi- oh...) Palutena, may I have a moment alone with you?

Pit: Uh...

Grima (Palutena): Sure, what do you want?

Tempo: I want you. What part of "Moment alone" do you not understand?

Grima (Palutena): (This kid is either on to me or just... weird)

Pit: Isn't this story G-Rate-

Grima (Palutena): Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic is rated PG-13, you are too young for this.

Pit: Bu-

Tempo: You said she tells you what to do, right? (I did not mean to leave that impression!)

Pit: (mumbling R-Rated things)

Tempo: Now, where were we...Grima.

Grima: Ack!

Tempo: Pit, I didn't mean to pull that impression, but the Evil Energy is right here...


Shulk:Whats going on/

Roy:I think we landed on some sort of island.


Shulk:A baby island perhaps?

Roy:Yes i think we landed on a baby island.

{Forest of Hope}

Pit: Tempo! Stop attacking! It's Palutena.

Tempo: Grima, what have you done with the real Palutena!

Grima (Palutena): HOW DARE YOU A- *Cough* How dare you assault the goddess of light! I said I had a cold.

Tempo: And how does a god ever get sick?

Grima (Palutena): I- uh... The plague?

Pit: Grima. Where is Palutena?

Grima (Palutena): You looking at her. And don't even try removing me from her body! With her power I am just as powerful compared to the gem sages as the Next-Gen consoles are cnext to their Past-Gen cousins!

Pit: 10 times as powerful than my sacred treasures form!

Tempo: Run, we need to find the other future warriors.

Pit: Wa-

Tempo: Just run!


Shulk: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Roy: This island is full of babies, and even the island itself is a baby!

Shulk: That isn't even what I meant by baby island!

Island: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shulk: Holy cow! Did you see how many exclamation marks there were?!

Roy: We don't have enough time to count them! We need to quiet this island before we go deaf, and how the heck are we gonna do that?

Shulk: Maybe a bottle-of-milk island?

Baby Mii lands on island. (Translated) Hi. Wanna teach me the ways of fighting?

Mii SwordFighter lands on island. GIVE ME THE BABY.

Shulk: Get off the island, bro.

Mii Swordfighter charges at Shulk. Roy uses his sword and kicks Mii Swordfighter off the island.

Baby Mii spills milk on the island, who absorbs the milk and stops crying.

Shulk and Roy: Thank you! We shall teach you the ways of smashing and fighting.

{Forest of Despair}

Sonic: What!? I have tried to warp alotof times and I cant!

Marth: あなたは覚えて、忘れてしまいましたか?

Douglas: ?

Sonic: Yabber yabber ya- wait, we have japanese voice actors... is that Shadow?

Marth: "Is that a shadow?" is what you say.

Sonic: Shadow, as an a name. Shadow the Hedgehog.

Douglas: Who is Shadow?

Sonic: My equal yet opposite. He was created in the space colony ARK to cure Maria of a disease, the 2 had become freinds until one day the government sent sol-

Marth: Get to it man!

Sonic: Shadow is a powerful anti-hero with a dark past.

Douglas: Is he for us or against us?

Shadow: Chaos... Blast!

Everyone dodges Shadow's attack. They all charge, but the blast got in the way of 2 fleeing boys.

Tempo: Quick! Hid behind the 4th wall.

Pit: We are in the Forest of Despair, everything will go against u-

Tempo: Timber!

A huge tree blocks their only escape. Fighting closely by are Sonic, Marth, and Falcon against Shadow the Hedgehog.

Douglas: How? You can only slow time!

Shadow: Sakurai brushed over alot of my powers, I can alter time, fire energy blasts, teleport, and I move faster that Sonic. All naturally!

Grima (Palutena): (Note to self, make evil clone of this "Shadow" and fuse with him)

Shadow: Jurugh!

Sonic: Hyah!

Douglas: To!

Marth: (Insert form of grunting to represent action here)

An unknown figure is spying on the party, Falcon, Sonic, and Marth fighting Shadow. Pit and Tempo-


Everyone, even Grima, is crippled by the insane noise. Tempo realizes who this figure is. A huge blue and black titan with giant, spikey boom boxes on his shoulders. Sharp teeth and wide spikes for fingers. One big spike on his chest and a tattered cape. Oh, did I mention ENORMOUS SIZE!?

Grima (Palutena): Gargan...

Gargan: Grima... Tempo

Marth: Grima had possessed Palutena?


Pit: How are you speaking english?

Marth: All of you can understand me. You have a Japanese voice actor. Sonic does. Palutena, Grima, Tempo does. And Falcon's noise actor is japanese.

Pit: Makes Sense... So how is it trying to play as Grima Palutena?

Palutena: Fine, I always wanted to play evil once.

Grima: Sucks though I get less pay until she dies in the story.

Sonic: Seriously though, who is the boombox dude?

Tempo: CoachSDot just competed Harmoknight, so he felt comfortable including Gargan in the story.

Shadow: I can't wait until my epic fight with Evil Ryu, the actual street fighter Evil Ryu, not clone R-

Gargan: Can we GET BACK TO THE ******* STORY!?

Everyone: Fine! Just stop with the noise!


Pit: Who... Is... THAT!?

Sonic: I have no idea who this is? One of Eggman's badnicks I suppose.

Tempo: But you DIED in an explosion! Heck, the force that volcano launched you with alone should have killed you!

Gragan: My army will be present shortly, but now I must deal with these good doers.

Shadow: Sonic, we will fight later, we have a being more powerful then all of use combine.

Grima (Palutena): It seems all of you are taken care of here. I will go and trick another group into thinking I am Palutena. *Warp*

Gargan: Sonic PULSE!!!


Tempo: NO!

Tempo banged his staff on Gargan so many times, which stopped the sound.

Tempo: Do we really have to do that again? Wait, doesn't that screech make creatures violent? And I just noticed a lot of innocent creatures here!


Meta Knight: Kirby, I think we are lost.

Kirby: Poyo....POYO!

Meta Knight: What is it?

Squashini: Hi, hope you don't mind if I butt in!

Meta Knight: Oh, shut up. Most of the people making the story don't even know about Epic Yarn. Except PEASHOOTERFAN, who played it SO MANY TIMES.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Hey, you were in Epic Yarn too! Your boss fight was too stupid.

Squashini: Wait, why is CoachSDot posting about Epic Yarn?

CoachSDot: Well it was october, I irritated my mom half-a-million times for that ga-

Kirby: PAH!


A whole group of drum-shaped bulls begin to charge at the entire group.

Squashini: Dragon fireball!

Meta Knight: You haven't touched Epic Yarn in a while heven't you?

CoachSDot: Yeah... Wii U's Wii mode is very slow and low-quality. The Wii is in my sisters' room.

Kirby: Puh! HYAH! Heyah! Ohyah!

Meta Knight: Tuh! Hah!

{Forest of Despair}

Gargan: Sonic... BLAST!

Shadow: Chaos... BLAST!

Douglas: Falcon... BLAST!

Pit: Really Falcon?

Douglas: Yeah...

Everyone attacks Gargan at full might, but even without subspace, he is just too powerful.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff!

Marth: Not now! We are too busy fighting a hyperpowerful being.

Gargan: Sonic SLASH!

Jigglypuff: Puff!

Tempo: I can't hold back the sound wave any longer, he's about to unleash a new attack

Gargan: Sonic... ENERGYWAVE!!!

Everyone: AUGH!

Every good fighter turns into a trophy. Gargan laughs an evil laugh and packs all the trophies in his pockets.

Tempo: Did you really think that would hurt me? I'm pretty much used to that by now.

Gargan: WHAT!? How did you do that!?

Tempo: I just told you, idiot! Ack! Some...kind of energy is building inside of me...Aw, yeah. I'll use the legendary staff!

Tempo whacked Gargan again, but one smack was enough to launch him.

Tempo: Huh, the energy is calming down. Better revive everyone, but what was that?


Meta Knight: Can't hold up much longer. This is a serious problem.

???: Leave it to me!

Meta Knight: Knuckle Joe!?

Knuckle Joe attacks the bulls and piles them in one spot. Squashini then throws a curtain over them. When the curtain rose all of the bulls were tied up around a huge bomb that was about to blow up.

Squashini: Wow, glad someone remembers one of my moves.

PSI Seven: Yeah, I'm surprised I remember it to. I haven't played Epic Yarn in several years.

Kirby: Take cover! And yes, I CAN talk!

(Bomb explodes, bulls are blown to bits)

Meta Knight: Thanks for the help Knuckle Joe. Oh, and NicePerson, just because I work for King Dedede, doesn't mean I'm all bad. I may help him, but when it comes to world threatening disasters, I help out. Do you think I let those subspace goons take my Halbred?

Kirby: What next?

PSI Seven: I'm not sure. You should probably find out why drum-shaped bulls are attacking you. I'll leave that up to the next user, I have more things to do today.

{Kingdom of Swag}

Rosalina: The outside atmoshere seems very heated todayz we shouls go indoors where we can speak in relitave commerence.

$W@G Ð@WG: Shuddup about dis gibberish. Speak normally for once!

Rosalina: What if I rather not "Speak normally"?

(5 seconds later)

$W@G PËØ0PLË(x20): Buh hu boo ha o mu seaya buh hu boo ha o mu seaya (Repeat)

Rosalina: You are going to sacrafice me to this "Swagger Lord"-

$W@G THÜG: Swag, GOOD! Swag god! $W@G GØÐ!!!

$W@G $I$: ENOUGH! We will now proceed with the ritua-

???: Ritual-a my- ACK... *falls*

$W@G THÜG: Well, I just shot down a green-clad italian plumber...

$W@G $I$: Sacrafice him too...

Luigi: Uh, no. I have an extra life.

Ganondorf: Hey, I'M supposed to be the villan here! I'll switch Warlock Punch to...Crusade mode! Yeah, I'll do that.

$W@G Ð@WG: Oh, come o-

For those who didn't know, Warlock Punch is an insta kill in 0.9 of SSBC.

Luigi: Get-a Rosalina to the airship, I'll handle these dogs...

$W@G PËØPLË(x20): He hu u me uhhkiaaaa! Netomuteh! (Repeat)

CoachSDot: This has gone one long enough!


CoachSDot: Please don't use the Lord's name in vein, I am no "Swag god", but just a powerful being.

Rosalina: An outgoing link! This spirit is truly fascinating, may I conduct research?

CoachSDot: No. Anyway this realms is too weak to handle me in my purest form, so I must take the form of the Commando Pea. FIRE!

CoachSDot drops a chili bean bomb by the Ð@WG$, who are unsuspecting. The explosion kills them all. In the crumbling kingdom, CoachSDot carries Luigi, Rosalina, and Ganondorf to an airship to escape the explosion

Ganondorf: What just happened?

Luigi: We where saved by a plant?

Rosalina: How are you living unrooted, how do you even live at all?

CoachSDot: Im'a demigod thats how, what you just saw was my weakest attack, my peashooter form is not strong enough to defeat Gargan

Luigi: Whos is?

Ganondorf: A being stronger than Coach-

CoachSDot: Call me "CaptainJJC", "JJC", "Coach", or "Dot"

Luigi: "CoachSDot" is a weird name.

CoachSDot: *Sigh* I know, My father couldn't make multiple Xbox One profiles so my family share one. He made the name.

Luigi: Oh, no! They left a bomb that sends out a wave on the ship! When it explodes-

CoachSDot: Wait, why did I lose my powers?

Luigi: It turns demigods into normal fighters...

CoachSDot: Dang! Well, I'm out.

Luigi: Wait! ....He's gone.....

CoachSDot was traveling across the forest of confusion, confused on how his powers disappered.

CoachSDot: Stupid brother! We agreed that I WASN'T fit for the realm of kingdoms! What was PEASHOOTERFAN thinking when he sent me here!?

As Coach was complaining, a powerful noise shakes him to the point where his color falls off shortly, and his makes his weeds to grow. Then hears large thumping

CoachSDot: Darn it! I just got this fertilized!... Who's there? I may not be a demigod but I can still shoot peas out of my mou- nose? What is this large thing stickng out my face?

Gargan: And when I ******* find him, I'm gonna rip out his ******* spine and feed it to the Noiziods! I ******* HATE TEEEEMMMPOOOOOOOOOO


Gargan's scream tears the entire forest apart and all plant life- oh wait... Coach is plant life...

CoachSDot: Such... noise! Why did I give this thing a... dirty... mouth... *Collapse*

Pit: Why are there so many forests? It's like we are in a forest realm!

Shadow: We should just burn the whole place down!

Sonic: And how will we escape?

Marth: My cape will catch fire!

Douglas: Haven't you learned from The Incredibles? Capes are bad.

Sonic: Wait? The forest trees are gone!

Tempo: It's the work of Gargan.

Pit: What's that thing?

CoachSDot: *Whistle* weirdmouthnosethingmakesmewhistlenotsnore...

Marth: We should wake it.


CoachSDot: Arrg, stupid PEASHOOTERFAN made this happen, hmph!

???: I'm sorry, we were forced to.


PEASHOOTERFAN: Me, along with my non-existant sister, Sally, were being threatened by Noizoids, in which they would delete the thread and kill everyone, even the creators! We had no choice. They then hit us with a wave bomb and sent us here.

CoachSDot: Where are those Noizoids? I'll kill em' all! Blast em' with ma' PEAS! PAUDAPAUDAPAUDA-

PEASHOOTERFAN: Can you stop breathing on my face?

CoachSDot: What?

PEASHOOTERFAN: I said, stop breathing on my-

Sonic: FACE!

CoachSDot: Donf2fjkffkkkdgarganireofkewhowhat!? *whistle*

Tempo: You shoot ao many peas at us!

Pit: It took you so long to wake up that we made a pea juicer 'cause we began to starve.

CoachSDot: Wait, I never saw PEASHOOTERFAN's form! I took the form of a Commando Pea, what is my brother's form!

Marth: ...

CoachSDot: Sorry, just nauseous from that!

Gargan: Grrrr... YOOUUUUUU!!!!!


Gargan grabs Tempo, planning to rid of him so he can pack the other trophies and give them to Mystic. Tempo cripples Gargan with his staff and was dropped.

Gargan: Guess I gotta show them my Mega form

Pit: Tempo, what's the Magma Form?

Tempo: Something new, I never heard of it.





Suddenly Gargan turns redz most blue points on him become red and leaking lava...

CoachSDot: ...Just that... nothing more

Shadow: You're connected to the story?

CoachSDot: More than that, I Made this realm.

Douglas: Questions later, right now we have a foe!

Gargan: Sonic... BOOM!


PEASHOOTERFAN: Calm down. Oh wait, kill Gargan. Text Beam!

Sally: You go, brother!

TheTruePokemonMaster:Hi guys did i miss the party

PEASHOOTERFAN:Why do you have to ruin everything

CoachSDot:You better stop it because it seems that something greater has fallen apon us


Gargan:MWHAA I AM BACK *He is huge

CoachSDot:Hmm go make sure Pit and the others get to the Demi Kingdom safely

TheTruePokemonMaster:Okay guys what ever you say!

(Meanwhile where Kirby and Co. are)

PSI Seven: Sup. No questions we need to hurry.

Kirby: Wait, how are you...

PSI Seven: I said no questions!! Now everyone, get behind me. I'm going to teleport us into the middle of a huge battle. Some people need our help defeating a over powered giant loud thing.

PSI Seven uses Psi Telebort b to teleport himself to CoachSDot and PEASHOOTERFAN.

PSI Seven: Hey guys, hope I'm not to late to kick this guy's butt.

Squashini: Holy mother of squash what is that thing?

PSI Seven: He is Gargan and he is loud, that is all that I know.

PSI Seven spans thousands of Mooshrooms.

Gargan: ????????????

PSI Seven takes the advantage of the distraction to use PSI SEVEN Ω dealing heavy damage to Gargan

PSI Seven: Tempo! Quick, do something effective! Do it before NicePerson finds out all the users are interacting with the story and decides to troll us! I'm not sure if he stopped or not!

Demi World(Kingdom Of Happeines)

Pit:What is this place with all the rainbows

TheTruePokemonMaster:Welcome to The Kingdom Of Happiness

???:Hi there!

Pit:Woah who is that handsome fella

Sonic:Thats you! TheTruePokemonMaster:Oh yeah when you where all training for Smash i took your DNA and made Happy Clones of you all!


Sonic:Yeah thats nice Mister Rainbow

TheTruePokemonMaster:Well now i am going to make more happy clones of you!

Douglas:This guy is insane

Sonic:I know

A wild GARGAN appeared

GARGAN began to harness the Magma

GARGAN used Magma Blast

All of your units took 27 dama-


Sorry then...

Garan: Volcanic ROOOOOOOOCK!


Tempo: Swing of symphony!

Squashini: Sorry what?

CoachSDot: PAUDAPAUDAPAUDAPAUDA- *Firing Gaint peas*

Tempo: Whack!

Gargan: GUUUH!

Twmpo: Sorry, weren't we screaming out moves?

PSI Seven: We can do this, we won't kill him, but we qill launch him far enough to talk about things.

Kirby: (!)

Kirby begins to inhale Gargan, to no avail, he tries again and again.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Sorry, what are my moves?

TheTruePokemonMaster: Don't know, make them up.

CoachSDot: Wait, why do you 2 have powers, I'm busy puking out my lunch to hurt this dude!

Gargan: Sonic...

GARGA- I mean, The heroes bwgan to attack Gargan with all of their might. CoachSDot began to starve so Sally needed to feed him many peas.

TheTruePokemonMaster:Hmm i geuss my moves could be giant ranibows.

PEASHOOTERFAN:Umm Gargan is growing bigger



TheTruePokemonMaster:Anything can be an RPG

CoachSDot:Guys we just have to fight him

Tempo:Lets get Sonic to help us

TheTruePokemonMaster:I left him in Happy Land

  • Tempo facepalms

PEASHOOTERFAN: A Smash Ball! Someone get it!

Tempo: Got it! Final Smash....ACTIVATE!!!!

(Insert Gargan Final Boss Fight here)


CoachSDot: *Crying* So... beautiful... how am I crying if I'm a plant?

PEASHOOTERFAN: Wonderful Music...

Tempo: He'll be back, nothing seems to kill him.

Shadow: where is everyone?

TheTruePokemonMaster: Happy land.

CoachSDot Wait, we spent alot of time on the Gargan Ark, lets make a new one!

PEASHOOTERFAN: What if Goku turns evil and fights everyone?

TheTruePokemonMaster: What if WE turn evil and use our demigod powers to fight the heroes?

PSI Seven: How about if Gargan, Mystic, Tabuu, Grima, and Red Gai fuse into the Darkness

Shadow: Great... authors are finding new ways to torture us...

Kirby: Hang on, could someone please explain what is happening? Why are you guys here? No offense but, shouldn't you guys not be here?

PEASHOOTERFAN: We were threatened by Noizoids. They threatened to kill us all. They used a wave bomb and sent each of us to this realm

PSI Seven: Plus, it makes this story 10 bajillion times more interesting. At last, a sequel that doesn't suck. Anyways, we should probably meet up with everyone else in the Kingdom of happiness.

Kingdom Of Writers

CoachSDot:Well lets make a new way to torture the Smashers

TheTruePokemonMaster:Wait we need to tie up all the loose ends on what happened to the other people we just abandoned their story we need to finish up those

PEASHOOTERFAN:Hmm i we should...

TheTruePokemonMaster:Okay i will tie up all the loose ends well you guys go think of more ways to torture the smashers!

CoachSDot:Since when have you led us?

TheTruePokemonMaster:I am the Master Of Loose Ends

PEASHOOTERFAN: I'm deleting this coversation with this button!

CoachSDot and others: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

PEASHOOTERFAN pressed the button, deleting the conversation and cutting back to the Smashers.

{Kingdom of Electricity}

Pong: BOOP.

Greninja (Translated): Is that all you say? You should be able to talk, just li- Oh....


Mr. Game and Watch: BEEEP, BEEEEEEEP!

Greninja (Translated): I guess you two are brothers, then. Hey, who's that swordsman? No...That has to be a female, not male.

Lucina: What does this electricity do? I only know about it from Robin's Levin Sword.

???: Bumo! Bu-MO!!!

Before Lucina could react, something hit her hard.

Lucina: Ahhhh!!!

Greninja (Translated): That was Lucina! You'll pay for turning her into a trophy!

TheTruePokemonMaster: Like it? You need to fight Evil Roy again! Alone this time! Protecting the shadow bug generator! &in the KINGDOM OF ELECTRICITY!!!

CoachSDot: PSI, gimme the watering can! Well be here a while...


CoachSDot: you know me so well, sucks that I'm stuck as a plant though. *watered*

Greninja: (... ****)

Evil Roy charged at Greninja and slashed it once, again, and the last hit launching upward. Evil Roy slammed thr frog downward and set paralyzed it with Lighting as it had landed. Then activated a super move, he shot his weapon through Greninja's chest, as it fell, Roy stomped it's chest. Throwing it up, Evil Roy leaped up, stomped it down with the hilt of his sword, and Greninja fell. The hit shattered every bone in it- wait... frogs don't have bones...?

Greninja: (Why the combos?)

Evil Roy: Awesome! I did a Mortal Kombat Kombo!!!


CoachSDot: *Whistle*

TheTruePokemonMaster:That was not very nice

CoachSDot:OH NO


Evil Roy:So what the Frog is dead now what do you care

TheTruePokemonMaster:He was a living being that did nothing wrong!


TheTruePokemonMaster turns into a giant black hole killing Evil Roy and blowing up the kingdom of electricty!

PEASHOOTERFAN:Well that happened he has not done that since our older sister angered him and he blew up 6 kingdoms.

CoachSDot:Yeah our older sister who is now the writer of fates! and is trying to kill us! PEASHOOTERFAN:TheTruePokemonMaster is knocked out he will be knocked for a few days and he needs to be placed in the kingdom of happienes to turn back to normal.

CoachSDot:How do we get Save Greninja his body is laying there with all the others who died

Lucina:Huh what happened why is the kingdom of electricty gone


Pong:Beep Beep!

CoachSDot:Its strange how this happened Greninja would turn into a trophy i would think

PEASHOOTERFAN:Well our only medic is knocked out so we have to figure out how to bring him back!

Lucina: What's a huge plant thing doing here?

CoachSDot: Because the universe cannot handle me in my purest form, I took this form, gaining all of it's pros, cons-

Lucina: ... losing the ability of speech?

(Puff of Logic)

CoachSDot: *Furious Whistling*

Lucina: haha he sounds like a kazoo got atuckin his through!

CoachSDot begins to whistle furiously and slaps Lucina in the face with one of his pea pods.


Lucina: What? If your brother took the form of a being unable to speak, that's his problem...

PEASHOOTERFAN: Wait, how could Gargan and the Noiziods threaten demigods? Unless...

Gargan: Guess who's back *******!!

TheTruePokemonMaster: Gargan's a demigod?

Lucina: You said that you guys spent too much time on this ark!

PEASHOOTERFAN: Maybe let's cut to Goku, Lucario, and Mewtwo.

CoachSDot: drv...

Frog Kingdom

Goku:Umm what is going on

Mewtwo:(Translated:We are in some sort of Frog Kingdom)

Lucario:Yes we are!


Goku:who are you

???:I am FBG or FrogButterGamer


Olimar:No swearing *he flys away

FBG:You have come into the frog kingdom unaorthized you shall be taken to the Prison of Frog


  • FBG pulls out a staff sucking out Goku's powers

Mewtwo:Oh no...

  • Mewtwo attacks FBG but two frog guards come over to Mewtwo and Lucario

FBG:Take the two pokemon away and let me have the anime dude

Frog Castle


FBG:Master Wart i have gotten this anime dudes power

Wart:Let me turn him into a trophy

FBG:Yes Master i will get the Dark Ray

Goku: Hngh! I can't even move!

FBG: That is because master wart requested the power of the strongest Sayian.

Goku: Fool! He can't handle that kind of strength. If he tries to use my power then he will turn into a giant ape. But he's a frog... a Prime-phibian!

FBG: Oh yeah, sayians can turn into giant apes, they lose control... I don't giva-

CoachSDot (Far away): DDDRVRV DR DRDR DRRRV!!

FBG: Whatever.

In the sky a figure is seen headed toward the powered up dog and cat-like... thing... let's cut to Mystic.

{Kingdom of Time}

Mystic: Tabuu, Red Gai, how are things so far?

Red Gai: Grima has spotted Tempo, he came from the dark future you described to us and is trying to thwart your plans, but thanks to Gargan, a mercenary from the future where the smashers win, the Tempo's group remain null and void to our plans.

Mystic: Go on...

Tabuu: A strange creature has surfaced with companions...what was it?

Red Gai: Peashoote-

Mystic: COACHSDOT!? Send an army! We cannot allow him to reach his purest form!

Red Gai: at least he took a weak, incapable form.

Tabuu: Worse news, the even more powerful PEASHOOTERFAN, the unpredictable TheTruePokemonMaster, and your lost cousin PSI Seven have also arrived.

Mystic: Activate project Z


Kingdom Of Happeiness

Pit:I think Mystic is growing powerful

CoachSDot:Yes we need to form a legion

Sonic:A legion of what?

CoachSDot:Of Smashers and others..

Pit:We should call them Pit and Co.

Sonic:No we should call them the Super Sonic Team

Douglas:Nope we should call them THE FALCON PUNCH

CoachSDot:How about the Sages Of Smash!

Pit:But we dont have Eevee.. CoachSDot:So what we stoped Gargan without Eevee so you can stop Mystic i will be your leader

Sonic:Oh yeah lets do this


PSI Seven:Let's go

  • CoachSDot falls on the floor

PEASHOOTERFAN:Brother! what is going on

CoachSDot:They are going to muder..PokemonMaster!


PSI Seven:Its a trap if you guys are put on guard then you will get turned into trophy's

Pit:We have to help the Demigod!


PSI Seven:Its a trap cant you realize that

Sonic:We do realize that

PSI Seven:Why did i do this

Lucina: One question before we go Coach.

CoachSDot: Yes?

Lucina: I mentioned before you should lose the ability of speech while in that form, how are you talking?


Lucina: What's a huge plant thing doing here?

CoachSDot: Because the universe cannot handle me in my purest form, I took this form, gaining all of it's pros, cons-

Lucina: ... losing the ability of speech?

(Puff of Logic)

CoachSDot: *Furious Whistling*

Lucina: haha he sounds like a kazoo got stuck in his throat!

CoachSDot: Why did you do this,tome- drv d-drv d-dddrrv!

PSI Seven: I feel bad fo him

PEASHOOTERFAN: Thats the puff of logic my brother... puff of logic...

Sonic: while you all where talking, the whole party reached the halfway mark to PokemonMaster...

Sally: Ooh, what's that?

PEASHOOTERFAN: Uggh...Sally!!!

After running a lot...

PEASHOOTERFAN: Sally, what are you doing?

Sally: I found this...

PEASHOOTERFAN: Sally....Could that be the Gem of Music you were talking about when you were in the future with the others?

Sally: It's completely the same thing.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Woah...But Tempo can only use it if he is with the other Sages. Still, we HAVE to keep this safe.

???: Well, what do we have here? It's not the Monado Boy, but it'll do.

Sally: Oh, no. Metal Face!

Metal Face: Now I'll be taking that, thank you.

Sally: Help, guys!

Pit: What do YOU think you're doing?

Tempo: The Gem of Music! Of course! Sally can track the other gems with ease! That's why she ran here!

Sally: Ahhhhh!!!!


Sally: Take the Gem! Don't worry about me!

PEASHOOTERFAN: She's being taken away! No, Sally!

Sally: I'll be fine. Before I go into this portal, I wanted to say, goodbye!

Sally was taken to Subspace. The portal then closed.


PSI Seven: Wait a sec.. Actually, lets talk while we run. That will save time. Lets go!


PSI Seven: Oh. So in the almanacs in the Plants vs. Zombies game, the peashooter has been shown to be able to talk. It even says it on the wiki [[1]]! So, shouldn't CoachSDot be able to talk?

Lucina: That does make sense, but I like his kazoo voice better.

PSI Seven: As I often say, logic is illogical.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Do you spend your days trying to prove that supposedly mute video game characters can talk?

PSI Seven: Only when I'm not looking up useless trivia on the wikias of video games that I play or responding on forums. Hey we're almost there... HOLY MOTHER OF ...!!!!!! I KNEW it was a trap!!!

Knuckle Joe: HOLD IT! Before we skid into the pitfall...

Knuckle Joe walked in front of a tree, then banging his head multiple times.


He then walked back to where they were holding the skidding pose.

Knuckle Joe: Now, where were we? AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Grima (Palutena): Suprise! I hope you like my giant forest canyon.

Knuckle Joe: Palutena? Your evil!?

Grima (Palutena): No! I'm Grima, I possessed Palutena.

CoachSDot: DRV D-DRV DDRRRV!! VRRR VRRRV (****** ** **** ***** ** * *! ***)

Grima (Palutena): This chasm is exactly 122,849,283,729,338 miles wide, 932,294,929,133 miles long, and 193,828,999,293 miles deep! Even a demigod couldn't escape.

As the group fall into the exceedingly large canyon, a giant airship is seen flying by

Rosalina: Activate the Gargantuan sulfur orb launcher!

Ganondorf: Fire the Fireball?

Luigi: She gets-a like-a that sometimes.

CoachSDot: (It's them, why do they have my ship?)

Rosalina: Luigi! Leap outside and attack the goddess with your frozen carbonite energy orb!

Luigi: Ice Flower?

Rosalina: Yes, that...

Ganondorf: Who made her pilot, leader, captain, and overall slave owner over us again?

Luigi: Coach.

Squashini: And I hope you didn't realize, but I can float!

Pit: Hmph! I could get out of here right now. If only I could use the Power of Flight.

Grima (Palutena): Oh, really? And who ELSE can fly?

Kirby: Poyo!

Meta Knight: What about me? I'm here right now!

Knuckle Joe: I used the tree as a checkpoint. So I teleported there.

Sonic: I've defied physics many times by going loop-de-loop, so I can get up a hole.

PSI Seven: It's better that we not go up.


PSI Seven: If they went for Sally, they're probably going for all the users.


Tower Of Happieness


Grima(Paultena):Cacth me if you can

  • They get into the room of where the subspace portal is


  • Grima drops Paultena's body and goes back into him/herself


  • PEASHOOTERFAN charges At Grima!


Tower Of Happeines 2(Near it)

PSI Seven:We have to get to PokemonMaster

Pit:Heads Up

  • Tabbu launchs down from the sky

Tabbu:Ahh look its the sages of Flight and Speed heh heh

Pit:You wont deafet us Tabbu

Tabbu:Think you can!



  • Tabbu engaes battle with Pit

Sonic:Lets go up to PokemonMaster

PSI Seven:And i will being seeing my cousin again

Tower Of Happieness

Grima:Kid give up!


  • Grima gets shoved into the portal but she jumps out and shoves PEASHOOTERFAN off a cliff!



Grima:Mystic i am almost ready to kill the kid

Mystic:Let me kill him like i should have done years ago!

Tower OF Happines 2(Near it)

Sonic:We are almost there

Meta Khight:Good!

PSI Seven:Guys i am going ahead i see Grima!

Sonic:Let us take care of Grima!

PSI Seven:I will get up and face Mystic

Tempo:Can i help?

PSI Seven:Its too dangerous go find PEASHOOTERFAN

Tempo:Got it!

  • PSI Seven gets up into the tower and finds Mystic about to kill TheTruePokemonMaster!


PSI Seven:YOU!







  • TheTruePokemonMaster strangles Mystic and throws her off the cliff but he is grabed by her and they both fall!


Sonic:Whats going on!

PSI Seven:TheTruePokemonMaster he died....* he sniffles up

Sonic:I am going down!

Knuckle Joe:We protect you Demigods

PSI Seven:I am not a Demigod!

Knuckle Joe:You have to be a Demigod

SOME RANDOM VOICE:Man our they are getting wrecked i mean CoachSDot cant talk anymore and Sally is in Subspace and PEASHOOTERFAN and TheTruePokemonMaster are probs dead!

PEASHOOTERFAN: Hey...Is that TheTruePokemonMaster? Oh, no! Staraptor, I choose you!

PEASHOOTERFAN sent Staraptor out to get them out of the bad mess they were in.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Staraptor, swoop down and grab TheTruePokemonMaster!

Staraptor: Staraptor!

Mystic: What!? He's gone? Rrrrgggg....Destruction Ray!

PEASHOOTERFAN: Aaaahhh!!! Staraptor, get out of here! I've destroyed your Pokeball, we'll be fine! Now go join the roster! Bring Deddenne with you!

{Chasim Of Ages}

Mystic:Give up little brother!


  • Mystic starts punching TheTruePokemonMaster!

Sonic:Hey kid i am coming for ya!

Mystic:Let me change that *she pulls out her book of fates and a pen

Mystic:Sonic will...

  • TheTruePokemonMaster punchs her and she drops her book and falls down but lives!

Mystic:Curse you!

TheTruePokemonMaster picks up her book

TheTruePokemonMaster:How am i going to get up there?

  • A spaceship lands


TheTruePokemonMaster:Yeah and i got Mystic's book!

PSI Seven:Which means she is going to have change fates naturally


PSI Seven:What happened to Tabbu and Grima

Pit:They sadly both escaped!

CoachSDot:Well now that you are all awake we need to form a legion of Sages!

{Meanwhile in the forest canyon}

CoachSDot: drv d-dr d-dv... Drv d-dr d-dv... DRRRRRRRRRVVVVVV!

Coach is suddenly engulfed in light. The peashooter he had hosted became it's own, and Coach is at his second form, a Pichu!

CoachSDot: Pichu!

Peashooter: Drv d-drv rv rvedrv!

CoachSDot: *Facepalm*

{Tower of Hapiness 1}

Palutena: augh, how did I escape? I was auppose to die when he leaft me.

???: Thanks to me... the Sage of Time from the future, like Tempo.

Shadow: Phew, just made i- SILVER!?!?

Silver: Palutena, you where suppose to die, but...


Grima: I will tell him the answers. But first, put this ring on.

Palutena: Why? You want to marry me?

Grima: What!? NO! This ring will- you can fly-

Palutena: I already can fl-


While you two where babbling, I snuck behind Grima, I switched the ultimate possesion ring out with the normal, wedding ring Gokario gave me.

Palutena: What did you just do to me!?

Grima: Your life is now bound to mine! I will possess you, and if the smashers ever take me out of you or defeat me, you will die in the process!

Palutena is then possessed by Grima. Grima feels a powerful surge of energy. The villians laugh an evil, hearty laugh.

I warp out of there...

{End of flashback}

{Meanwhile in the forest canyon}

CoachSDot: drv d-dr d-dv... Drv d-dr d-dv... DRRRRRRRRRVVVVVV!

Coach is suddenly engulfed in light. The peashooter he had hosted became it's own, and Coach is at his second form, a Pichu!

CoachSDot: Pichu!

Peashooter: Drv d-drv rv rvedrv!

CoachSDot: *Facepalm*

{Tower of Hapiness 1}

Palutena: augh, how did I escape? I was auppose to die when he leaft me.

???: Thanks to me... the Sage of Time from the future, like Tempo.

Shadow: Phew, just made i- SILVER!?!?

Silver: Palutena, you where suppose to die, but...


Grima: I will tell him the answers. But first, put this ring on.

Palutena: Why? You want to marry me?

Grima: What!? NO! This ring will- you can fly-

Palutena: I already can fl-


While you two where babbling, I snuck behind Grima, I switched the ultimate possesion ring out with the normal, wedding ring Gokario gave me.

Palutena: What did you just do to me!?

Grima: Your life is now bound to mine! I will possess you, and if the smashers ever take me out of you or defeat me, you will die in the process!

Palutena is then possessed by Grima. Grima feels a powerful surge of energy. The villians laugh an evil, hearty laugh.

I warp out of there...

{End of flashback}

Sonic: Darn! Where is he? .....SILVER!?

Palutena: It certainly seems to be the case. He was the one who saved me.

Silver: Sonic, it's been a while, my friend....Hmm? I sense somthing!

Sonic: What is it?

Silver: Oh, no.


Dedenne (Translated): Aww....I wish our trainer didn't have to go.

Staraptor (Translated): Listen up, my friend. If you want to be one with the fighters...You have to train like the fighters. Come, PEASHOOTERFAN will be fine. Let us start training.

The Chasim Of Ages




???:My name is Jenkins

PEASHOOTERFAN:Jenkins what kinda of name is that!

Jenkins:My mommy left me down here

PEASHOOTERFAN:Why? Jenkins:She was in a war she left me down here so i could stay safe but she said she would come and get me

PEASHOOTEFAN:I cant get you up to the surface i am stuck here

Jenkins:Okay...Woah are those Pokemon!


Kingdom Of Frogs

Wart:Come in

Tabbu:Heh Heh hello there Wart

Wart:Ah Tabbu welcome to my kingdom

Tabbu:Heh now sign this contract for The Subspace Allince


FBG:Sir i got more prisoners

Wart:Not now you go bring them to the prison!

{Forest Canyon}

CoachSDot: Pichu! Pichu Chu!

Peashooter: dv rre vr dr

Suddenly a random Pikachu and Fletchinder appear

Flechinder: Flechinder!

Pikachu: Pika Pi?

CoachSDot: Pichu...

Peashooter: Dr revdrv drhat?

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, Fletchinder, are these friends of yours?

Peashooter: ?

Ash Ketchum: That must be a Realm Region Pokemon.

Ash pulls out his Pokedex in hopes of identifying the Peashooter, but it relpys


It says this in response to both the Peashooter and CoachSDot, who Ash and his pokemon believe is a wild Pichu.

Pokemon Translator!

Pikachu: CoachSDot!? I'd know you from anywhere!

CoachSDot: Yeah, that Peashooter was my first form, but we can't maintain weak forms forever, so it became it's own being, and now I'm a Pichu...Oh my gosh, I forgot!

Pikachu: What is it!?

CoachSDot: PEASHOOTERFAN and TheTruePokemonMaster are still out there!

Pikachu: Oh, no! Fletchinder, can you give us a ride?

Fletchinder: Sure can! Along with that "Peashooter" whatever it is.

Frog Kingdom

Tabbu:Let me check out you kingdom

Wart:Yes master Tabbu...

???:Look its him!

???2:Get him

Tabbu:Who are those people?

Wart:They are sigh rebles



Tabbu:I can not allow that in my kingdom

Wart:Your kingdom!

Tabbu:Your kingdom is now in the subspace alince you work for me now but your efforts to keep these rebles from attacking are fultile


Tabbu:No but's! i am going send you someone to help you Tatgana!

Tatgana:Yes master?

Tabbu:this is Wart teach him how to control his kingdom

Tatgana:Hello there Wart

Wart:I dont need your help!

Tatgana:You need lots of help

Frog Prison

Frog Guard:Get in there!


FBG:I will suck out your power


  • They get locked away into a prison cell

Lucario:Hmphh they got us



Sanic:Yeah going to die soon my life is being sucked out!

Eevee:Hold on Sanic i can try to help

  • The Subspace portal opens and Goku comes through


Subspace Guard:Prisoner 03 get into your cell

Goku:KAMMMA KAMMA *Nothing happens

Frog Prison



???:whats you name



???:Well there are plenty of Lucario's and Mewtwo's but are you the Smash Bros one

Lucario and Mewtwo:Yes

???:Name's SpaceHamster

???2:I am the Frog King

Lucario:Isnt Wart the frog king

Frog King:Nope i am the real frog king

SpaceHamster:We have been trying to get out of here for weeks but nothing has happened

Frog King:This place is on an island far away from The Frog Kingdom


???3:Hello there

Everyone(but ??3):Who are you

???3:I am Sandra i lost my son i left him down in The Chasm of Ages


Sandra:To keep him safe i am a mortal who lives in The Demi Kingdom

Frog King:I will help you get out of here and find you son!

Mewtwo:How are we going to do that?

SpaceHamster:I think i have an idea

{Kingdom of Hapiness}

Sonic: So, PEASHOOTERFAN is dead?

Silver: Maybe, but we can use Mystic's book to change his fate.

Tempo: If he's dead, there is no fate to change.

Pit: Palutena, can you grant me with the power of flight?

Palutena: If I do, your wings will burn off before you can get to PEASHOOTERFAN.

Marth: While we are waiting for a way to save him, where do Silver and Tempo reside from? And who is Gargan?

Silver: Should we tell them?

Tempo: Very well... It began in the future past, or the future to take place should we both have not come...

{The Dark Future}

The world had collapsed then, Mystic had gotten what she wanted. The sages where gone, she had the gems, and she convinced the other demigods, her brothers, the smashers where evil, sadly Coach reached his purest form that day, he became the darkness...

Waluigi: What do we do? They are too powerful?

Tempo:But we need the ocarina, it's the only way we can change the future.

Proto Man: There's a catch, we can control when we end up, but not where.

Silver: We will have to rush in... so many evil clones

Evil Rosalina: We have to locate the rebels. Zelda, utilize your magic abilities to illimina-

Evil Zelda: SHUT UP! Even when evil, you still speak in such complex terms!

Rayman: Guys... is that Gokario?

Goku and Lucario where the only survivors, they had to fuse in order to be a match for the demigods. That day he came to label us as the new sages. The sage of mischief, Weaponry, Music, Weirdness, and the sage of Magic, oh, Silver became a wizard, forgot to say that...

Waluigi: But doing that, It's such a big responisbility! We aren-

Gokario: Go in, get the Ocarina, Tempo, play it. You will all end up in the past where you must find the new gems.

Rayman: Your like a father to use, we can't leave you, we can stop The Darkness here and now!

Gokario: I love each and every one of you, I will miss you all... Sorry, but it must be this way.

Rayman: Bu-

Proto Man: We don't have time for a goodbye party!

[Insert super intense retrieval mission here]

Silver: Got it!

Tempo: Ok, here it goes...

Evil Sonic: Their playing the ocarina!

Evil Dark Pit: After them!

Gokario: Not on my watch!



Evil Mario: WHOOOOOO

Evil Little Mac: HAAAAA!

We ended up here, we don't know if Gokario had died, if he lived, but we saw him as a father... he always protected us...

{Kingdom of Happiness}

Tempo:... We don't know where Rayman, Proto Man, and Waluigi are, but we came here to-

Luigi: *Sniff* So touching...

Ganondorf: Short, but it makes even me cry...

Gigantic Goomba: I don't care! Try to stop me!

Tempo: Oh, no! You were one of the many enemies in the future!

Gigantic Goomba: That's right! And you're going to die!

Tempo: I don't think so! Haaarrrrr-

Gigantic Goomba then kicked Tempo, dealing lots of damage.

Tempo: Ow...

Pit: Tempo! Rosalina, keep an eye on him and try to heal him. I'll deal with Gigantic Dummy here!

Sonic: Pit, he'll OHKO you too! Don't do it!

???: No one hurts Tempo on my watch, nyaaa!!!

A WarioWare bomb was then thrown at the Giant Menace, deal lots of damage.

Tempo: Waluigi!?

Waluigi: Nyaaa! That's right, it's Waluigi time!

Ok, I'm going to attempt to give a character status of everyone. Correct me if I'm wrong:

Tower of happiness: Waluigi, Sonic, Pit, Tempo, Palutena, Rosalina, Luigi, Ganondorf, Silver, Shadow, PSI Seven, TheTruePokemonMaster, Kirby, Meta Knight, Knuckle Joe, and Giant Goomba.

Frog prisson: Lucina, Mewtwo, Lucario, SpaceHamster, Sandra, and Frog King (not Wart).

Frog Kingdom: Wart, Tabuu, and Tatganna.

Forest Cannon: CoachSDot, Ash Ketchum, Peashooter (not CoachSDot), Fletchinder, and Pikachu.

Subspace: Eevee, Sanic, and Goku.

The Chasim Of Ages: PEASHOOTERFAN and Jenkins.

Unknown: Mario and Wrecking Mario

We now return you to your regular scheduled story, already in progress.

{Meanwhile in some rocky lands area}

Dark Pit: Ryu, are you awake?

Robin: He's been sleeping for days, so long I actually considered building a home here.

Mega Man: R.O.B tell us where we are.


Samus: I'm back, no signs of life are here, Robin is running out of food tomes, we'd best get out of here.

Mega Man: Wait, Is that a floating glove?

Robin: Impossible! Floating shoes!

Dark Pit: the gloves, head, body, and shoes seem to connect together as...


Rayman lands on top of Ryu. He wakes up and shrugs the blow off

Rayman: What is this place?

Ryu: What are you?

Rayman: I'm Rayman, I am here to-


Rayman: Yeah... that.

Ryu: How does a creature live with no limbs?

Samus: I think he is one of those things I've been hired to kill on s-

Rayman: Calm down, I'm one your side. I even was all of your freinds.

Mega Man: Prove it!

Everyone loads their weapons, but quickly trains them on a dark figure, it resembles Kirby, but it's not. It's completly black with giant bat wings and red eyes.

Samus: Who is that?

???: I am your worst nightmare!

Rayman: You! But your not suppose to be here!

???: Allow me to lengthen the already long length of this relpy...

{The uncharted timeline}

(Insert hype anime music here)

Mystic: NOO! This can't be happening!!

Goku: KAA MEE... HAAA MEE...

Zelda: HNNGH!

Mario: Oh Yeah!

Sonic: Super Sonic Style!

All the heroes where using their final smashes to defeat Mystic and her army, Coach reached his 3rd form at this time, Feirce Diety Link. He still couldn't talk... he charged an ultra darkness ball attack to finish Mystic off...


Douglas: Coach seem a little crazy to you?

Tempo: Nope.

With here dying breath, Mystic changed one last thing on the flow of time...

Mario: Glad that's over!

Bowser: How ya feel Coach? Reachingyour final form yet?

Waluigi: Yeah.

Proto Man: No worries, Mystic is gone... but why won't we return back to our fixed timeline?

Silver: Something's amiss...

Rayman: What just happened?

CoachSDot: (My purest form! I'm ready)

PEASHOOTERFAN: Got what you thought! Show us your final form.

Coach finally reached his purest form... but it's not what anyone expected... he became a giant, evil dragon.

CoachSDot: Guys... sorry.. ruu--- ROOOOOOOOOOAAR!!!

He killed everyone off, except Kirby. He decided to possess Kirby forever, then, Kirby had became CoachSDot, CoachSDot had become an evil dragon, the dargon had became Kirby...

???: Time to change up time...

Gargan: I'll deal with Tempo of the past.

He played the Ocarina of Time and traveled back in time to change events for the villian's favor, Gargan came with him...

{End of story}

Dark Pit: But... if Coach became...

Samus: and he possessed...

Rayman: But thats what you...

Every hero: (!) CoachSDot is going to become EVIL!?

Ryu: You mean that this is the 3rd timeline!?

Rayman: That means Coach is-

???: The Darkness and he's right infront of you!

Rayman: Quick, dodge that thing! I got Mystic's book from the future! Robin, use every one of your tomes on me! I can change all of that, but not completely. But it'll have to do for now!

Robin: Thoron, maximum power!

The Thoron hit Rayman so hard, he gathered enough energy.

Rayman: Hrrrrgg....FATE CHANGE!!!!

After the light that emerged faded, ??? had vanished, and everything had changed.

Rayman: The fate we met wasn't completley changed, but the parts that ended us were. Now, he can't possess anyone anymore, nor that he can't hit as many targets.

Meanwhile in Blooperoppolis:

King Blooper: As punishment for trespassing over our waters, I hereby sentence you three to a watery grave. Any lasts words?

Shulk: (gurgles)

King Blooper: Oh, bring them an air bubble so they can speak.

(Blooper servant brings an air bubble)

Shulk: *Gasp* Thanks. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, how can you expect us to know that there was a city full of bloopers underneath us?!

Roy: It's not like there was a no trespassing sign or anything!

Baby Mii: Goo

King Blooper: Actually, there was a sign.

Roy: Well it was written in flipping blooperian or something!!!

King Blooper: Not my problem. Our supply of humans is low, and we haven't had a decent catch in MOUNTHS!

Shulk: You're going to EAT US!?

Roy: Um, in that case you should know that people from where I'm from have a very high amount of cholesterol...

King Blooper: Don't care. Bring them to one of our kitchens. I want them at least golden brown!

Shulk and Roy try desperately to fend off the bloopers, but failed. The Baby Mii appeared as if it had no idea what is going on.

The bloopers then brought them to one of those underwater volcano things. As they were trying Shulk and Roy to stick over the volcano, unnoticed by the bloopers, the Baby Mii picked up Roy's sword.

Blooper: Make sure to tie those nots tight. And remember to rotate them slowly some they are evenly roasted on all sides. Now where is that baby? We'll tie him up next. WHAT THE??

The Baby Mii holds Roy's sword over his head. Slowly, the sword catches fire, a faint one since he is underwater. The mouth underwater volcano was a small one, but when Baby Mii hit it with the sword, the ground around it began to crumble, and the mouth of the volcano became bigger! The pressure coming from the now large volcano was enough to push Shulk, Roy, and Baby Mii to the surface, along with the nearby bloopers. Once out of the water, our heroes were arable to easily defeat the bloopers that were with them.

Roy: Wow! Thanks Baby Mii!

Shulk: Guess all the training paid off.

Baby Mii make a squeal of delight.

Roy: We're still a long way from land. Better get swimming before King Blooper realizes we escaped.

Meanwhile back in Blooperoppolis:

Blooper: Sir! The meat has escaped!

King Blooper: Grr. (Looks at a communication device on his wrist) This is King Blooper. It appears Shulk, fire-emblem Roy, and the Baby Mii escaped.

Gargan (on communication device): IDIOT! Even with TIME-TRAVEL at your disposal you fail!! (Screams loudly)

King Blooper: Please. Like you had any success.

Rocky Cliff




Mystic:Yes i have returned my power is so high that now i can create mutiple forms!

Mystic:You are in the 4th timeline the real one where CoachSDot never turned evill and everything is going to be fine exepcet i am going to kill you all!

Robin:Arc Fire!

  • Mystic delfects it and shoots a dark blast at Robin!

Robin:Ugghh *He falls over dead

Dark Pit:Come right atcha!

Mystic shoots a dark blast at Dark Pit though he dodges

Dark Pit:You guys are on your own



  • Mystic shoots a Dark Blast at Ryu and he dies

Samus:Lets get out of here people!

  • Robin and Ryu get turned into trophies and dispear

Samus,Rayman,R.O.B and Mega Man climb the cliff

Mystic starts to chase after them!

Mega Man:I will hold her off its my fault that we are here!

  • Mystic and Mega Man fight!

(Just simplifying things, the future ages are here, Darkness and co are changes as a result of their travel, hope that helps.)

{Tower of Happiness}

Gigantic Goomba: That's foul play! You're suppose to hit me with your fist!

Waluigi: I'm here, I found the Gems of weaponry and music by a volcano.

Gigantic Goomba angrily charges at Waluigi, but wfter a simply stomp, it was OHKOd.

Pit: Well... that's tha-


Silver: It can't be!

The Darkness (Future Kirby): Greetings maggots, welcome to your dooms...

PSI Seven: What are you?

The Darkness leave's future Kirby's body and turns in into a trophy, with a difference, the base was black.

The Darkness: This is not Kirby, but an alternate version of him... absorbing the unrevivable trophy of every fighter, I become stronger!

Sonic: That kind of power, we are dead!

The Darkness: I am only here to show you what you are up against, next time I see you, you die!

Tempo: Wait a sec, come here! .....He's gone...That can't be good.

Waluigi: Waaaa!!! Waluigi no like this!

Tempo: Oh, am I this stupid? I remember something Gokario said when we were taking shelter from meteors.


Gokario: The darkness is rising. I want you seven to know that there is one who can eliminate the darkness all by itself. Like Eevee, it may be underestimated. However, it has enough power to make Gigantic Goomba seem like a little mouse. It has the cheerful spirit of Music, gets everywhere with it's Mischief, has powers like Magic, it's tactics may be weird sometimes, and it can have lots of shocking Weaponry. Oh, and I forgot to give this to you, ????? ?????. It's the honor of becoming the sage of Flatness. The one you will meet has the flexibility of Flatness. You should go save that bystander, named Pong. Some characters may not know what's going on until you tell them. They are just trying to find it out. Now go!

{End of flashback}

Ash Ketchum: So wait, who was that one guy that was the Sage of Flatness?

Tempo: None of us knew. He always said he didn't fit in, he never told us his name either. He just talked with us. Gokario is the only one who knew his identity. We never saw his identity either, since he kept himself under a hood. It's a real mystery. He says he really likes Mario more than anyone else.

{Some rocky lands area}

Mega Man: I can't hold her back much longer! Augh!

Mystic: The time for games is over! Mystic-

???: Halt!

Mystic: Who?

Fox: Ha!

Falco: HAH!

Mystic dodges the space animals' attacks and holds them in a psychic choke.

Rayman: Now's our chance, run!

Samus: We have a chance to strike, she said she had multiple clones meaning this one is alot weaker than her pure self.

Rayman quickly punched Mystic from far away and destroyed the clone. The heroes meet up with Fox and Falco, then head toward the Kingdom of Frogs.

{The open seas}

Shulk: Quick! We are almost at shore.

Roy: I am so glad you have a japanese voice actor,or else I'd be lost in translation-

???: Stop right there!!

Roy: Ah! What is that?

Shulk: It's a giant black dragon!

Roy: Good thing we aren't it's target.

Shulk: We should still follow it... someone is in danger...

{Forest Canyon}

CoachSDot: So, where is Ash?

Pikachu: He just vanished, like he didn't belong here...

Fletchinder: Wait? That's a giant dragon!

Peashooter: (That thing is scary...) *High pitch whistle*

CoachSDot: are you scared? I am too.

The Darkness: You should be... but who would fear one's self?

Pikachu: That thing thinks it's you!

CoachSDot: Immpossible! I don't turn into an evil dragon, and evem so that could be another dragon.

Shulk: There they are!

Pikachu: What? You guys!?

Roy: Of course! We got here easily!

Ash: Ughh...Finally made it...

CoachSDot: Ash, why are you so slow?

Ash: I would've been with you this whole time if you hadn't went so fast!

CoachSDot: Oh...

Suddenly Coach glows red. A Pichu falls out of him and he becomes Feirce Diety Link, his third form.

The Darkness: Yes... come to me...

CoachSDot becomes hypnotised, the unknown hero that was mentioned by Gokario watches from afar, he sees Tempo and co. approching the area from one side, and Rayman and co. from the other.

????? ?????: (I'm too late, I didn't stop the Darkness in time. Nlw CoachSDot will become the Darkness as well shortly...)

The Darkness: You will serve me now... now destroy every hero in sight.

CoachSDot: Yes Master...

CoachSDot was about to send out a powerful slash to finish Tempo, who was right behind him. When suddenly, a pixelated figure jumped right in front of the hit.

Tempo: What!? Who are you?

Mario: Wrecking Mario! Are you-a-okay?

Tempo: He ran right in front of the attack.

Ness: It's like he knew that would happen!

Wrecking Mario gave out one last sentence, in which it seemed like he was ACTUALLY about to die.

Wrecking Mario: Mario...Tempo... I've always liked you both...Tempo...Before I decease...I need to tell you something....You've always been a good friend to me....I was just too scared that you wouldn't accept me because I'm pixelated. I put a hood on me the whole time....Goodbye.....

Tempo: You...Were the Sage of Flatness? Oh no.... You've always been a good friend. And you still are today...

CoachSDot: I just killed Wrecking Mario, continue?

The Darkness: You are about to evolve into the Darkness, come with me...

CoachSDot: I will notify the Fearsome Four, maybe if we all fuse together...

Both villians leave. The heroes are in an intense debate on what to do.

Wrecking Mario: Yipee!

Tempo: What! You where dead!

Wrecking Mario: No I wasn't, I acted like I was dying so the Darkness would leave us alone.


Rayman: Can you tell us where Proto Man is?


Marth: Well, while we are waiting, who excatly is the Darkness, and why does he keep saying him and CoachSDot are one and the same?

Ganondorf: It makes no sense!

Rosalina: Absurd! How can 2 divergent characters be the same individual?

Falco: He's from a different timeline, Coach turns evil and kills all of us there.

(Insert extremely accurate describtion of the relation between Coach and the darkness here)

Falco:... and that is how both are related... guys?

Fox: Save you blabber...

Shulk: Even Pikachu fell asleep.

Wrecking Mario: Ow...While I didn't die, I sure took alot of damage. My other form can support me though. Form Change!

Wrecking Mario was engulfed in a white sphere of light, and when the pixels blasted off, everyone was shocked.

Tempo: You are ALSO Paper Mario!?

Paper Mario: I swap forms when I'm low on health. Both forms have their own HP.

Frog Prison

Mewtwo:I sense something

Lucario:I sense it too

SpaceHamster:What is it?

Mewtwo:My friends!

SpaceHamster:You have friends *he chuckles

Mewtwo:Shut up Hamster who cant go to Space

Lucario:I think they are near us but they do not know we are here i will try and send i signal!

Sandra:I might be getting out of here!

Frog King:I will be taking back my Kingdom!


Shulk:Whats that?

Ganondorf:Ummm what?

Rayman:That glowing light!

Ganondorf:I think it is coming from that island!

Roy:Lets go

Baby Mii:Gah Gah

Frog Kingdom



Wart:Tabbu wants me on a very imporent meeting to talk about something


Wart:I want you to take care of the kingdom!

Tatgana:I will



Lucario:Ughh i cant stay awake

Sandra:I am going to fall asleep

  • Sandra falls asleep

Mewtwo:Stay alert

Frog Guard:AGHHHHH

Frog Guard 2:FREEZE!

Shulk:Tell me what is going on!

Frog Guard 2:You are tresspassing on The King's Property

Shulk:We want our friends back!

Frog Guard:We arent give them back!


Baby Mii:Gahh

Ganondorf:HA HA HA



Frog Guard 2:AGHHHHHH

{Leafy Lane}

Bowser Jr. : Ms. Lana, I think we're lost.

Lana: Gee....You may have a point....Hey, who is THAT?

Frog Guard 2 stabbed Roy with a spear. Roy took..

TheTruePokemonMaster: For THE LAST TIME this is NOT A FLIPPING RPG!!!

PSI Seven: I happen to like RPGs. Oh well. That's OK.

Fox grabbed the first Frog Guard and through him. Then Shulk grabbed him in mid-air and threw him to the ground. Knuckle Joe broke the prison bars. Shulk pinned the second Frog Guard to a wall.

Shulk: I'll say it again, what is going on.

Second Frog Guard: Ok ok ok! Wart has allied himself with a being called Tabuu. Tabuu wants him to capture every smasher and every one of their alies.

Kirby: That isn't going well is it?

Second Frog Guard: I wouldn't say that. I was promoted to prison guard for one reason, and that is because I know to get pinned to a wall near one OF THESE!

The second Frog Guard pressed a button on the wall.

Electronic voice thing: RED ALERT! RED ALERT! PRISSON CELL UNDER ATTACK! (more alarm sounds)

Ganondorf: Great, more guards will be here any minute.

In exactly 59 seconds, the sound of a lot of frog guards was heard down the passage way.


Lucario: We need to move.

PSI Seven: I can hold them off for a while. I'll create a PSI Sheild.

Waluigi: Piff. You want to be a hero, TO BAD WALUIGI TIME!!

Meta Knight: We'll be hearing that alot won't we?

Falco: And we thought the constant over 9000 was annoying.

PSI Seven: That is probally how many guards are coming. Ok, we'll both hold them off.

{Above the Castle}

Tails: Wow, these roof defenses are really weak. Hey....What's that? A Trophy?

Tails flew down to the trophy, and then inspected it.

Tails: Okay, let's see. Yellow hair, Blue clothing, Brown boots...I know this guy.

Tails revived the trophy and helped the fighter up.

???: ...?

Tails: It's okay, Isaac. Come with me, I know a way to Wart.

Isaac: :)

{Some glacier}

In this glacier, 2 heroes remain unconfronted by the Darkness. They are traveling to find the rest of the heroes, but wind up in a glacier in the process. Ike and Pac-Man riding blue and red Yoshis, respectively.

Ike: We've been at this for days, what do we even do?

Pac-Man: Waka!

Red Yoshi: YOSHI!

Blue Yoshi: Yoshi...

Ike: Am I the only freaking one who can talk here!?

A wild GARGAN appeared!

GARGAN uses son-

Ike: This is NOT a FREAKING RPG!!!

Gargan: Who are you?

Ike: I am Ike, this is Pac-Man

Pac-Man: Waka waka!

Ike: ... and our loyal steeds are Yoshis. They answer to their own color.

Gargan: (Ike has no idea I'm evil, time to manipulate...)

(Back in the Frog Kingdom)

PSI Seven: This sheild won't last much longer. I'm running out of energy. How is the escape going?

Mewtwo: How did you guys get here?

Meta Knight: Simple. I flew the Halbred up to an outside wall and busted a hole in it. Come on, it's this way.

Every runs in the opposite direction of the frogs and boards the Halbred.

PSI Seven: Just in time. I'll teleport us to the Halbred. (Uses Psi Teleport b)

Waluigi: You frogs wanted to get us? TO BAD WALIUIG TIME!!

(On the Halbred)

TheTruePokemonMaster: Great work every one. That couldn't have gone better.

Frog King: But I need to dethrone Wart and take back my kingdom!

Lucario: And they stoll Goku's powers. They must be retrieved.

Meta Knight: Ok, to the Frog Castle!!

(Meanwhile in the throne room)

Tails: Stop right there .. Wart?

Tatgana: He is out right now. But I was told to answer to any intruders.

Issac: What is that?!

(Halbred crashes though the roof)

Meta Knight: ...What? Never seen an Airship crash before? It happens all the time in movies.

Tatgana: Hey! You all escaped! I must get you back in your cells! Helmuts, attack!

Meta Knight: Hyahh! Huyayayayayaya!!!!

Lucario: HRAAAA!!!!!!!

Mewtwo: Psychic is all you need to K.O. these guys. Huh? What's that? A Blue Helmut? It doesn't look very happy...

Helmut: I hate being stuck in here... Stupid Tatgana...


Nana: Popo! Look, it's a robot! I think it was hurt by that rockslide!

Popo: It's still breathing...If it can do that, it's a robot programmed in the same way as Mega Man.

Helmut: Help...

Helmut then fainted. When he woke up, he found himself in a tunnel underground.

Helmut: Wh- Where am I?

Popo: Nice, you're awake! It's a good thing I was a mechanic once. Otherwise, you would've been a goner!

Helmut: W-wow, thanks!


Helmut: Okay, I'll distract them, and you guys deliver a gigantic blow!


Helmut: Ack, I'm blinded! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!

Popo: No!


The cannons fired and sent the climbers into the clouds.

Tatgana: Hey, something is under this table! Let me see...

Helmut: Arggg...Oh, I'm blind...

Tatgana: Well, what do we have here?

Helmut: Okay, it's clearing up...Yes, I can see again! ...Uh-oh, that's not a pretty sight!

{End of flashback}

Helmut: Rrrggg...Am I the ONLY good Helmut around here?

Frog Kingdom Hall Mewtwo:GO EVERYONE!

Lucario:SpaceHamster why arent you going!

SpaceHamster i have a mission to complete


  • Lucario,Mewtwo and Sandra run off but are blocked by Frog Guards and FBG

FBG:Heh heh i traped you now bow down to Tabbu

SpaceHamster:NEVER! he punchs the frog cap of FBG and a blast of engery happens and FBG is no longer FBG he is PBG PeanutButterGamer!

PBG:What happened


Frog Cap:Ribbit *it trys to jump on Mewtwo Mewtwo squishes it!


TheTruePokemonMaster:We have nobody guarding the Demi Kingdom oh wait we do my other form is!

Lucario:Now to kill Tatgana

Tatgana:You will never stop me!

  • Tatgana drops a bomb down

Tatgana:Anyone left here will turn pure evill!

  • Everyone rushes into Hallberd Tatgana flys off in Spaceship!

Frog People:RUN! *more people get onto halbred but Trophy Rays start to fire at Halberd!

Meta Khight:Get into The ocean people!

  • Everyone dives into the sea! as they wacth the kingdom turn Grey

and the remaining frog people(which is about 6000 people out of 12000 turn evill) Frog King:NOOOOOOO MY HOME CURSE YOU FLYING SPACE DEAMON CURSE YOU!

Mewtwo:We could have died you idiot or turned evill and you would not be helping us!

Former Frog King:Fine

Mewtwo:Who are you *He looks at TheTruePokemonMaster and PSI Seven

TheTruePokemonMaster:We are the Demigods but i am the only one left because CoachSDot turned evill and PEASHOOTERFAN died so i am the only one i have to create more people but i dont know how too

Mewtwo:Lets go back to The Demi Kingdom

Demi Kingdom

TheTruePokemonMaster:Hmm WHAT PEASHOOTERFAN!




  • TheTruePokemonMaster and PSI Seven look at each other

PSI Seven:He got turned evil by The Darkness


TheTruePokemonMaster:Hmm this post is full of long dilouge from the Demi-Gods

Mewtwo:We have joined the Legion Of Smash!

Helmut: Oh my gosh...Barley made it...

Meta Knight: Freeze!

Lucario: Stop! His aura is friendly...Don't bother attacking him.

Helmut: Oh hey, by the way, Fox...

Fox: What?

Helmut: This Halberd has triangle shapes on it...

Fox: No! We don't need Illumanatti!

{Some Glacier}

Ike: So you say you can take me to my freinds if I get you the Gems of Noise, Mystery, Darkness, and subaspace?

Gargan: (This fool! With those gems the fearsome four can reach their full power and fuse into Perfect Darkness!) Yes, you see, I may look strong but I am really soft at heart, the Smashers think I'm evil, but do I look evil to you?

Ike: Uhhh, yes. Don't worry, I'll get those gems for you.

Pac-Man, Ike, and the two Yoshis leave. Shortly after Red Gai arrives to talk

Red Gai: I can't believe the authors forgot about me. I wasa major villian in the last story.

Gargan: I manipulated Ike and Pac-Man into retrieving the Gems.

Red Gai: With them we will be able to fuse with the Darkness. Such power even the heroes cannot stop!

Gargan: Oh, forgot to say, you are about to be ambushed and killed by Greninja.

Red Gai: But Evil Roy ki-

Greninja: GRENII!

Gargan: Sonic... BLAST!

Greninja begins flying away.

Gargan: As you see, I know what the heroes will do before they do it, coming from an alternate future.

Red Gai: Let's not talk about that, it's confusing!

Gargan: Now there will be a blast of thunder striking right where I stand, allowing me to transform into Thunder Gargan. My pallete will change from blue to yellow, and I can attack with lighting.

Red Gai: Interesting... goodbye.

Gargan: Hope we can make some trophies next time together.


Ike: Did you hear that?

Pac-Man: WAKA!

Red Yoshi: Yoshi...

Blue Yoshi: Yoshi?

Ike: *Facepalm*

Back outside the Frog Kingdom

PSI Seven: No no no no no no! Not the Illuminati!!

Illuminati: Greeting PSI Seven. Long time no see. (Deep evil chuckle) You may think I forgot about you and your allies when I took over your homeland, but I have returned, and this time, I will destroy you and your allies with the help of my own allies.

PSI Seven: You may have brainwashed all of my friends and family so that they are also against me, but you won't win again.

Kirby: I think we're missing something.

PSI Seven: I'll explain later, when we are not swimming in an ocean and being threatened by evil triangles.

Illuminati: You might as well explain now, because you'll never get another chance to!!

The Illuminati's minions, the illuminlings, revived the Halbred, wich got trophyfied after bring hit by the trophy ray and was bobbing up and down in the ocean.

Meta Knight: My Halbred! Not again!

Illuminati: That's not all (Another evil chuckle)

The Illuminati produced a dark cannon (thoose things ftom the Subspace Emissary that turned fighters into trophys. Remember, Wario used it in the first level on Zelda/Peach) and fuses it with the Halbred's main cannon.

PSI Seven: As if things can't get any worse. First I and the demigods get sent here, then Greninja died, then Coach and everything, and now this. Why God why?!

Shulk (sarcasticly): Thanks for the recap.

Greninja: Greniii!

Greninja makes a splash! Really, he fell in the ocean.

Greninja: Greni! Gregreninja gre!

Falco: Translator?

Fox: Translate later! We need to defeat the Illuminati!

Mettuar: I can't believe I was called a Helmut until now!

Mega Man: Now is not the time! We have to- AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!!

Paper Mario: Mega Man, no!

Mega Man: Arggg.... Illuminati, you are so going down!

Illuminati: I don't think so. Finishing blow!

???: Rolling Cutter!

A spinning blade intercepted the attack. Mega Man automatically knew who it was.

Mega Man: Cut Man!?

Cut Man: Anyone who's an enemy of Mega Man is an enemy of me!

By the iceberg

Ike: So that guy is in league with Tabuu? In that case, we need a plan.

Bule Yoshi: Yoshi!

Pac-man: Waka! (Translation: Look the gems!)

Ike: Look the gems!

Pac-man does a face palm.

Ike: Ok, here is the plan...


Ike: We found the gems!

Gargan: Excelent. Now just...

Ike: Opps, we dropped them down into ocean!

Gargan: What?! You fools (screech)!!

Ike: We over heard you talking to Red Gai! No evil doer messes with the Smashers!

Lightning strikes Gargan Gargan: We'll see about that!! I'm now THUNDER GARGAN!!

{Kingdom of Time}

Tabuu: Gargan has almost suceeded in manipulating Ike's group, but they overheard his speech aith Red Gai, who suggests fusing with Grima

Mystic: Where is Grima?

Grimleal Soldier #1: MIA. Last known location, Tower of hapiness.

Suddenly an explosion happens near the group

Grimleal Soldier #2: Mystic! The smashers! Headed for us!

Mario: Yahoo!

Shadow: Chaos Blast!


Waluigi: Waluigi no like that meme! WALUIGI TIME!

Samus: *Facepalm*

Sonic: I feel ya...

{Leafy Lane}

Bowser Jr. : Okay, who is this?

Lana: Um...I think it's someone named Frum...

Bowser Jr. : Which game is he from?

Lana: 3D Dot Game Heroes. Wait a sec! Someone named Sonya is usually with him. I think it's his sister.

Bowser Jr. : Then where's Sonya?

(I did this because the others were getrting too much screentime.)



Samus:Shut up alredey

Sonic:Shut and Dance..

  • Samus slaps Sonic


Samus:Come on lets beat this piggie

The Troll Face attacks Walugi

  • splatoon music starts to play

Inkling:AW YEAH!

Inkling Boy:Lets destory them!

  • Inkling's from the last story start to attack the troll face and the Grimleal Soliders

Troll Face:What this cant be happeing!



Ilumanti:Give up now!


Meta Khight attacks Illuminati dealing 10 damage


PSI Seven:.............

Olimar:This is not an RPG

TheTruePokemonMaster:Thank you Olimar

Illuminati:THIS IS AN RPG!

Illuminati uses Yell on TheTruePokemonMaster it is not very effective!

TheTruePokemonMaster:I am going to blow you up!


Meta Khight,Cut Man and Mega Man jump off the Halbered a

Illuminati:What is happeing!


Meta Khight:Not my ship agian

TheTruePokemonMaster eats Iluminati and Halberd


Black Hole Illuminati:Huh where am i

Evill Roy:ummmm welcome to nothing


  • TheTruePokemonMaster starts to fall to his doom!

PSI Seven cacths him

TheTruePokemonMaster:Ughhhh *He falls to sleep

Cut Man:What is going on Mega Man:Let me explain *insert summmary of the story so far*

Cut Man:Soo basically you are trying to fight Mystic and The Darkness so you can return to Smash

Mega Man:Yeah basically

TheTruePokemonMaster:You arent going back to smash!


TheTruePokemonMaster:I am going to merge smash here

PSI Seven:I think you should be asleep still

TheTruePokemonMaster:I only came to tell you what i am going to if we win!

PSI Seven:Oh that makes sense kinda Finish The Story The RPG is coming soon

{Kingdom of Time}

Somewhere else in a cottage, Donkey Kong is moaning in pain, he stumbles upon a sandwich and heads to eat it.

Grimleal Archer: There he is!

Grimleal Mage: Stop right there! That's an order! He's getting away! Don't let him get to the sa-

Donkey Kong gets to and devours the ground sandwich.

Grimleal Archer: D-don't do it!

Grimleal Mage: W-we can t-talk about this.

Grimleal Archer: Ya listening? C-c-calm down. J-just- OH MY GOD!

Donkey Kong begins to charge at the Grimleal archer.



Donkey Kong: OOOOOOOO!

Grimleal Archer: MY BLOOD! He just punched out all my blood!

Grimleal Mage: ow ow ow! You call that breaking my spine!? You big hairy apes couldn't break a spine if yo-


Grimleal Mage: AAAUUGH MY SPINE!

Grimleal Archer: *Long Girly Scream*

{Clockworks tower}

Bruh! Bruh!

Sonic: The bro rays are too powerful!

Troll Face: Wait! I sense a Team Fortress 2 reference...

Mario: Yeah? You can't absorb power from that.


Silver: Oh come on!

Mega Man: You DO realize I can copy powers, right? I upgraded it so I can copy abilities without having to defeat the opponent.

Troll Face: Aaaand I screwed myself.

PSI Seven: Hang on, wasn't Waluigi with us? Oh well.

Some iceburg:

Thunder Gargan unleashed powerfull lightning attacks at Ike, Pac-man, and the Yoshis. They tried to fight back but weren't succeeding.

Thunder Gargan: Ha ha ha! You think you can defeat-whaaaaaat??!?!!

The Yoshi's snuck behind him and used their tongues to pull Thunder Gargan backwards into the ocean with them.

Ike: Blue Yoshi! Red Yoshi!

Pac-man: Wakka Wakka!

Blue Yoshi and Red Yoshi popped out of the ocean.

Blue Yoshi: Y-y-yoshi

Ike and Pac-man pulled them out.

Ike: Great work guys.

Suddenly Thunder Gargan bursted out of the ocean.

Thunder Gargan: You think that would stop...

Just then a giant iron whale burst out of the water and knocked Thunder Gargan high into the sky

Thunder Gargan: mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

As the whale surfaced a blue clad knight weilding a shovel stepped out of it.

Shovel Knight: Hey did someone drop these gems? I found them at the bottom of the ocean.

Demi Kingdom

Meta Khight:Who is your leader

TheTruePokemonMaster:we dont have one yet

PEASHOOTEFAN:I am the leader!

TheTruePokemonMaster:Who made you boss!


PSI Seven:Please shut up!

Meta Khight:your organtzation has lots of flaws

PSI Seven:Dont mind them they are the only two Demigods left

Meta Khight:I see

Cut Man:Okay well i am going to go make myself at home in this abonded buliding

Mega Man:Me too

Meta Khight:Okay i will too

PSI Seven:Good now to deal with them........

PEASHOOTERFAN pushed TheTruePokemonMaster down the Chasm Of Ages!



PSI Seven:No stop!


PSI Seven:No...


  • PSI Seven walks away with PEASHOOTERFAN!


PEASHOOTERFAN: Ahh! Oh, just a bad dream. I would NEVER do that.

Ash: Everyone, get out of the custom-built tents! Someone's here! Snivy, I choose you!

Snivy: Snivy!

Air Man: Well, look who it is! The ones who destroyed most of Tatgana's Mettuars!

Mega Man: Air Man!? I thought I killed you!

Air Man: All of us survived, Mega Dunce!

Metal Man: Yeah, losers!

Cut Man: Metal Man!? You are SO gonna die!

Ness: Who's that in the cage? Looks like a Ten-Year-old Girl.

Red (Pokemon Trainer): Go, Charizard!

Ash: Snivy, Leaf Blade on Bubble Man!

Ness snuck up from behind and tried to talk to the girl while at the same time, trying to get her out.

Ness: Who are you?

???: My name is Relm, from Final Fantasy VI. I wasn't much of a threat, not being able to use magic, but I can here. They rendered me unconscious, and when I woke up, they took that magic AND my brushes away from me, thus giving me no escape.

Ness: Where is your magic?

Relm: In that box, there is an orb that give me magic when I absorb it. My brushes are also in there.

Wood Man: I hate this "Charizard" whatever it is!

Metal Man: Me too! I can't believe I'm also failing to a downgrade of me, Mega Dunce, and one of our own!

Mettuar: That's what you get for hurting Mega Man and Cut Man!

Ness: Almost done...

Quick Man: Haha, got the cage, too slow for me bro!

Ness: Dang it!

Crash Man: I'm going to explode!!! Help!!! I'm on fire!

Air Man: Retreat!

{Kingdom of Time}


Shadow: Run! That attack could level the entire planet if it hits us!

Troll Face: Wait? Did you see that?

Samus: See what?

Mystic: (Now is our chance, I revived someone, no lets go Tabuu)

Troll face: the word Troll face... it has 3 vowels.


Troll Face: You know what else has 3 vowels? "Confirmed"

Waluigi: Oh no...

Troll Face: You need more proof? Sonic, how many eyes do you have?

Sonic: Uh... one?

Troll Face: Shadow and Silver also have one eye... 3, 3, two threes...

Silver: Stop hi- ACK!

Samus: W-we can't m-move!

Waluigi: Waluigi knows what will happen!

Troll Face: Did you also know, that before this post, there where 43 replies?

Silver: We are screwed...

Troll Face: Illuminati confirmed!

The Illuminati sprouts from the ground, fueled with red energy.

Sonic: Who is that!?

???: The Illuminati.

Waluigi: Proto Man!

Proto Man: I will signal the others to the Kingdom of Time right now!

{Meanwhile with PSI Seven and Co.)

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt, Snivy, tackle.

Pikachu: Pika... chu!

Snivy: Snivy! Snivy?

Snivy notices a distress call coming from a phone? Communicator? Draw your own conclusion.

Snivy: Snivy! Snivy! Snivy!!! SNIIVY!!!!

Fox: Ash, Snivy is trying to tell us something.

Mewtwo: Maybe when we are done fighting robot masters.

Snivy: Sniii-

Quick Man: TOO SLOW!!

Ness: Come back with the cage!

Ash: Snivy whatever you want to tell us can wait, now use vine whip on wood man.

Snivy: >:(

Mettuar: He's kinda already dead.

Ness: Look, someone faster than you!

Quick Man: Huh? What? Where?


Relm: I'm free!

Quick Man: Hey! That's not fair!

Ness: I picked up the brushes and orb while we were running.

Relm: Valor!

Quick Man: Oh, shoot.

Relm: Thundaga!

A powerful bolt of lightning hit Quick Man so hard. Thundaga is really powerful already, and with Valor boosting attack, it was easy to K.O.

Quick Man: I was too slow!

Ash: Ok Snivy (Uses pokemon translator), what is it?

Snivy: It's a distress call! Waluigi, ROB, Silver, Samus, Sonic, Proto Man, and whoever else that was with them are in danger. The Troll Face has summoned the Illuminati!

PSI Seven: *groan*

Meta Knight (trembling with anger): Him!!

TheTruePokemonMaster: What!?! I black holed that guy!!

Tempo: Yes! We found Proto Man!

Snivy: I don't know how Troll Face did it, but he did. They are in subspace.

Meta Knight: PSI Seven, do you think you could teleport us to them?

PSI Seven: Well, not really. First, I wouldn't be able to teleport all of us sucesefully. Second, they're in another dimension. Third, I'm all out of psichic energy after I held off thoose toad guards with my shield. I can renew my energy if I take a nap or eat magic items.

TheTruePokemonMaster: We could just use that portal on the other side of the kingdom.

Ness: Okay! Let's do this!

{Leafy Lane}

Lana: Frum, defending against these killer rabbits is getting tougher! They get faster the more we defeat them!

Impa: Shhhyyaaahhh!!!!

Lana: Wha-!? Impa!?

Impa: You were all playing such a good role! I had to join in as well!

Frum: Great! Now we just need to find Sonya.


Popo: Ow...That was a long fall...

Nana: Hey, who's that?

Popo: More of question, who's attacking him?

Dark Link: You will never escape!

Klonoa: Klono!

Dark Link: HRRRAAAAA!!!


Nana: Yikes! We should help him!

Popo: Mm-hmm!


Klonoa: Wait? I can speak can't I, I'm not a pokemon!

PEASHOOTERFAN: Too late, your speech pattern is determined.

Klonoa: >:(

{Kingdom of Time}

Silver: Any luck?

Sonic: Everytime we defeat Illuminati, Troll Face gains power by making an "Illuminati confirmed" meme.


Rosalina: I have plan!

Mario: How-a long have you been here?

Rosalina: I have remained present this entire time.


Shadow: But that's where evil CoachSDot-

CoachSDot: HYAAH!

Mewtwo: Where are they!?

TheTruePokemonMaster: don't know.

Paper Mario: They are right infront of use! Are you all retarded!?

Relm: Blizzard! Thundaga! ...Nothings working...Rrrggg...Star Prism!

Paper Mario: With that power, he's immune to death for a while.

Relm: It's a good thing I got an extra Smash Ball!

Mewtwo: What the hell will that do?

Mario: I'll-a search it. Final...Fantasy....Magic....Oh, no!

Relm: ULTIMA!!!

A gigantic blue blast sourrounded Relm. It killed Illumanatti and Troll Face at the same time, and Illumanati was deconfirmed.

Relm: Yes! ...Oh, did I go too far?

Shulk: Well, you nearly killed us, but at least THEY are gone. A vision!


Grima: Now let's see the Circle of Gems. It tells us which sages are defeated.

When they looked at the circle, the first ring said The Gems of Fire, Ice, Speed, Water, Stars, and Flight all darkened. The second ring showed the gems of Music, Mischief, Magic, Weirdness, Flatness, and Weaponry were desperately hanging on.

Proto Man: N-no!

The middle showed the Master Gem darkened, and the infinity gems of ????? and ??? still remained in the light. There was still hope.

Grima: What!? I'll kick it.

Grima kicked it and reloaded it, but it showed the same thing.

Red Gai: Rggg....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Tabuu: Look everywhere for those two!

???: You mean the ones that are right behind you?

{Vision End}

Falco: A little help? Fighting your evil brother here!

Everyone attempts charges at CoachSDot.


Time was of course frozen for all but PSI Seven, PokemonMaster, and CoachSDot.

CoachSDot: Why do you resist?

Suddenly PSI Seven and TheTruePokemonMaster see a vision...

{Vision in an unknown location}

Perfect Darkness: Muhahaha... Bow to your new king!

Sally: Get him!

CoachSDot: Shining blast!

PEASHOOTERFAN: He's too strong!

Mystic: I am sorry I got you all into this mess.

TheTruePokemonMaster: Maybe the Smashers, gem sages, and Paper Sylveon could help u- oh wait, when Eevee and Paper Mario fused, you just had you just had to place PSI SHIELD, trapping them with all the devilish darkmites!

PSI Seven: Relax, he's trapped here with us.

Perfect Darkness: I am not trapped in here with 5 demigods and some warrior, you are all trapped in here with me...

{End of Vison}

PSI Seven: Master, you-

TheTruePokemonMaster: Yes... Mystic becomes good!?

PSI Seven: Lets ponder on this leter when we are done defeating Coach

CoachSDot: argh... hrngh... gaah!

TheTruePokemonMaster: Coach?

CoachSDot: Hurry! Kill me before the Darkness gets a hold of me again!

PSI Seven: What!?

CoachSDot: Trust me, just DO IT!

TheTruePokemonMaster: What should we do?

PSI Seven: Trust him, what if he doesn't become the Darkness?

TheTruePokemonMaster: What if he does?

CoachSDot: Fine, I'll do it myself!

CoachSDot stabs himself with is sword and screams with a white light coming out of him as he cracks open, revealing a bright, freezing creature, he has become Tundra (Just a name, draw your own conclusion on what he looks like!)

PSI Seven: PSI timestart.

Shulk: Hyaaaaa

Shadow: Chaos...

Ash: Pikachu, Snivy, u-

CoachSDot: Guys, I'm cool. I guess you could say I'm *Puts on Sunglasses* Ice Cold.


Relm: Well you just revi-

CoachSDot kills troll face in a split second before he could revive Illuminati just by looking at him.

Everyone: !!!!!!!

CoachSDot: Well, what did I miss?

Squashini: We met Wrecking/Paper Mario.

Waluigi: I was Waluigi t...

TheTruePokemonMaster: Don't use memes! They make Troll Face stronger! We don't want to revive him!

Mega Man: We met Waluigi.

Peanutbuttergamer: The Smashers rescued me, Lucario, Mewtwo, the real Frog King, SpaceHampster, Lucina, and Sandra from the Frog Kingdom's prison. I'm PeanutButterGamer by the way.

PSI Seven: My arch nemesis, the Illuminati, has returned.

Meta Knight: My Halbred was sucked into a black hole.

Kirby: We found out that The Troll Face, the Illuminati, and The Great Mighty Poo have allied themselves with the Subspace army.

TheTruePokemonMaster: We had a vision in which Mystic became good.

PEASHOOTERFAN: And we found out that your final form is a giant evil dragon. So Coach, please don't under any circumstances, change into your final form.

Sonic: Just use the form you're in now. You look cool.

Everyone: *groan*


Mario: Ok-a-kay. Let's-a find her.

Lucario: I sense her aura, along with Goku and someone else. They're that way.

Waluigi: Oh yah! It's Wa..(stops himself before he could meme) *sigh*


TheTruePokemonMaster: There's Eevee!

Ike: And Goku!

Sonic: And Sanic!

(Goku failed to rescue Eevee and ended up behind bars)

King Blooper: Well well well what do we have here? (King Blooper is in a metal suit that allows him to walk on land. It has a missile launcher and a rapid fire ink shooter, along with other things)

Roy: You!

Thunder Gargan: This is your chance to redeem yourself King Blooper. Don't mess up.

Subspace Prison

TheTruePokemonMaster:Hmmm i am going to go to see what is in that room


Sanic:No use nobody will come for us

TheTruePokemonMaster:I AM COMING!

Eevee:Who are you?

TheTruePokemonMaster;Name's TheTruePokemonMaster but you can call me Mr.Happy Springs

Sanic:Mr Happy Spring's why arent you freeing me?

TheTruePokemonMaster:The troll face will grow stronger since you are a meme!


TheTruePokemonMaster:And Eevee run off

Red Gai:Where do you think you are going


Red Gai:FREEZE! Eevee gets turned into a trophy so does TheTruePokemonMaster!


Tabbu:Nobody wiil deafet me!

Grimleal Archer:Dad my bow broke

Grimleal Mage:Son you are a failure

Grimleal Archer:Dad there is a Mewtwo behind you

Grimleal Mage:Sure there is....

  • Grimleal Mage gets knocked out by Mewtwo

Grimleal Archer:Dad.......

  • The Grimleal Archer runs off

CoachSDot:Ugghh Where is PokemonMaster

PSI Seven:Last time i saw him he was fighting near the Subspace Prison

Dark Pit:Missed Me guys!

Tempo:Me too!

Pit:Me three

PSI Seven:How did you guys get here?

Pit:We all got sucked up by a portal

Grimeal Captain:Men fire at the them!

  • Tempo goes to attack them with Pit and some of the others!

Dark Pit:I will go find your friends!

Subspace Prison

Dark Pit:Oh how i have not missed this place

Red Gai:Hello Dark Pit heh heh

Dark Pit:Well uh Red Gai long time no see

Red Gai:Time beat you to the ground

Dark Pit and Red Gai get into an epic battle

Red Gai:Let me teach you the art of trophy!

  • Dark Pit gets turned into a trophy

Grima:We should move deeper in the maze!

Red Gai:Yes we should and kill that idiot Mystic!

{Stairs to the great maze}

Grima: (Ok, I begin to choke her while you distract her. We then decapitate her, we absorb here powers after)

Red Gai: (But we cannot absorb them if she is dead)

Mystic: Why are you here? Don't you want the smashers dead?

Red Gai: yeah, uh, but I want to, u... play Strategy Fighter 5 with Grima first

Mystic: Orb corp. made adeal with spincup to make it exclusive one the orb gamer, we have a triangle gamer.

Red Gai: Then lets buy an orb ga- NOW!

Grima absorbs Mystic's power over time and they get into an epif 2v1 fight. Mystic nearly dies when she is saved by CoachSDot.

CoachSDot: Get.. off.. of...her!

Mystic: Why are you helping me?

CoachSDot: You may have tried to kill me countless times, nearly murdered my brother, and turned me into an evil dragon in an alternate timeline...

Grima: (He knows!)

CoachSDot: But you are my sister, and I would not let a single baddy lay a finger on you.

Mystic: You know, I never really wanted you dead, these guys just hired me as mercenary. I was blinded by the rage of what PSI Seven did to me before.

CoachSDot: The magma rock bucket challenge?

Mystic: He promised me the lava didn't have heat rocks!

Red Gai: Can we get back to the plot-twisting battle already!

CoacbSDot: Oh yeah, sorry.


Frum: Okay, looks like the portal is that way. However, we should find Sonya first.

Jigglypuff: Jiggly! Jig, JIGGLY!!!

Lana: What is she saying?

Frum: Launched 3,076 miles by Gargan to here.

Impa: How do you-

Frum: I defy the world.

Sonya: We pretty much learned together how to do that.

Frum: Sonya! Finally back together!

Wii Fit Trainer: Guys, we could really help Klonoa and the Ice Climbers here!

Klonoa: Klonaaaa!!! (This guy is pinning us to the wall!)

Lucas: PK Fire!

Dark Link: Arraaggg! How did you hurt me!?

Lucas: You can't resist Fire if you don't have the right tunic.

Staraptor: You and I have learnt the ability to talk. Watch and learn. Dedenne...Your training has come down to this. Help the smashers out.

Dedenne: Understood. Hey, stinky! Eat my Parabolic Charge, idiot!

Ness: PK Thunder!

King Blooper: (That kid will make my suit short circuit)

King Blooper uses his suit to jump high into the air and shoot ink all over everyone.

Ness: Gah! I can't see!

Knuckle Joe: Me neither!

Pit: Same.

PSI Seven: Me too! Argh! It stings!

Kirby: He's to strong. Everyone, go in front of me!

Kirby inhales everyone and shoots them at Kind Blooper one by one causeing him to fall down.

Tempo: Look!

Ness: Not funny.

Tempo: Sorry. On his back there is some sort of box.

PSI Seven: There must be some sort of circuit or wires or something. Pit, take my Seven Sword and break that thing open! (It's a sword that looks like the number seven. Draw your on conclusions)

King Blooper: You know I can hear everything you guys are saying tight?

PSI Seven does a face palm. Pit flew up to King Blooper with the sword. King Blooper tries to intercept him. Everyone who can see is fighting grimeals. Those that could see were desperatly ttying not to get killed. Sudenly, Meta Knight swooped down on King Blooper and popped open the box.

King Blooper: What! No!

Meta Knight plunges his sword at the wires. King Blooper's suit begins to malfunction and he falls to the ground.

Thunder Gargan: Failed again! Now it's my turn!!

Thuder Gargan: The Grimleal will hold you back as I become Super Gargan

Shulk: A vison!


Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): Charge!

Grimleal Beserker (Bork): Hey babe, after this can we m-

Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): I'll think about it Bork. Atta-

Grimleal Peashooter: Hey, Jessica, I ate all your doritos...

Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): I will kill you later, KI-

Thunder Gargan: You are holding me up!

Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): YOU ARE NOT HELPING! Just kill those Nintendo characters already!

The grimleal calvery stomps over all the smashers.

Thunder Gargan: MUHAHAHAHAHA!

{End of vison}

Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): Cha-

Shulk: Jessica, Bork want to make out with you...

Grimleal Beserker (Bork): Uhh, tha- I can expla- *Snaps his own neck*

Grimleal Valkrie (Jesica): (What pervert)

Shulk: That peashooter ate your doritos...

Proto Man: What is happening?

PEASHOOTERFAN: I don't even know, and I manage part of this story.

Grimleal Peashooter: Uh, uh, wait, I CAN'T TALK! DRV D-DRV D-D-D-D-DR- *Killed by Jessica*

Grimleal Valkrie (Jessica): Let me guess, a rare pokemon is currently killing my husband and both my spouse and son are headed this way?

Grimleal Archer: Mom! MOM! A MEWTWO IS KILLING DAD!!!

Grimleal Mage: You cannnot hurt me! I don't have time to bleed!

  • SNAP*

Grimleal Mage: My schedule has just opened up, Aauugh my GOD!

Mewtwo: (I am suprised these two haven't revived Troll Face with all these Team Fortress 2 References)

Thunder Gargan: You know what? Life is not worth living if you need to deal with THIS!!!

Rayman: I wish this was the weirdest thing I've seen...

{Stairs to the Great Maze}

CoachSDot: FREEZE! Haha!

Grima and Red Gai remain frozen.

Mystic: You know that you could have returned my time-changing abilities to me before killing them, right?

CoachSDot: I know, but I forgot! What do we do with Tabuu?

Mystic: Well, last thing I saw before my time powers where taken was an evil dark figure. A giant dragon with flaming fangs. It was so chilling.

CoachSDot: Oh, the Darkness?

Mystic: Who?

CoachSDot: You turned me into him in an alternate future, then he traveled back with mercenaries like Gargan, King Blooper, and Eggaman Nega.

Mystic: I have never heard of any of these people.

CoachSDot: Wait, where's Eggman Nega?

???: I think he's still in the overworld...

Sonic: ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I'M MADE OF SPIKES! I can finish it now!

Mega Man: So-

Sonic: Spiked!

Mega Man: Ouch...Sorry about that, guys.

PEASHOOTERFAN: It's okay. BTW, Sally hasn't learned how to fight yet. So the darkness automatically dies down.

Grima: (Darn it!)

PEASHOOTERFAN: Anyways, Aetheral Whirlwind!

Yoshi: Brrng, HA!

Dr. Mario: Some new challengers join the fight!

Cut Man: Rrgg...Can't hold on much...longer!

Mega Man: Tornado Hold!

Cut Man: Wow, thanks for the assist!

{A Dark Room in Subspace...}

Toon Link: Huh? I must've lost my way! Where are Dr. Mario and Bowser anyway? ...Look, a gem of...Some...Sort. No wait, TWO! They look as if in the middle of the two sizes of master and normal gems. Could they be the Infinity Gems!?


Dedenne: Huh? I feel an odd presence in that portal.

Sonya: What do you me-

Dedenne: It's important! I'll warp!

Frum: But Dedenn-

Staraptor: He's telling the truth. To the portal!

Evil Mega Man:I will get you kid! Jenkins:AGHHHHHHH Jenkins climbs up the tower


CoachSdot:Shoot! Jessca:Come on lets beat these people to the ground TheTruePokemonMaster:Coach? CoachSDot:Yes TheTruePokemonMaster:They are going to turn the civllians evill so we should acvcute the people

CoachSDot:Yes get them to Chasm Of Ages

Meta Khight:My halberd will get them down

TheTruePokemonMaster:You dont have a halberd

Meta Khight:Oh yeah i bought a new one

TheTruePokemonMaster:Well get them down the Chasm

  • Meta Khight leaves with some cilvans

Red Gai:You think you deafet me puny smashers


Evill Cut Man:I will summon Troll Face again

  • The Troll Face comes again

The Troll Face:HA HA HA HA HA HA

Evill Mega Man:Get them


  • Sally faints

Evill Robin:Its over Arc Fire!

The walls take heavy damage

PSI Seven:The walls are going to colaspe!

Mario:Never give up

Subspace Lana:what happened

Bowser Jr:I think that we went into the portal and we got lost

Toon Link:HYAHHHH!

Lana blocks Toon Link's attack and they have an epic battle

Bowser Jr:STOP IT!

Impa:Listen to the child

Toon Link:Who are you?

Bowser Jr:I am BJ this is Ms Lana and this is Woman with Giant spear

Toon Link:Nice names

Lana:What are you doing here

Toon Link:When i was battleing in Subspace i got captured with Dr.Mario and Bowser and i am looking for them

Bowser Jr:i have to find my Dad!

Impa:That portal i see a world filled with darkness i see the halberd flying into the chasm of ages!

Lana:We have to go in there

Toon Link:What about Dr.Mario and Bowser

Lana:You two find them

{Somewhere a very maze-like storage facility with alot of hiding places}

Snake: Ugh... I can't believe it, the writers forgot about me.

A giant portal opens up, revealing a whole army coming out.

Jessca: Scouts, search the area for anything useful

Snake: (Gotta run)

Another portal opens to reveal a horde of robots led by an egg-shaped scientist.

Eggman Nega: Find and kill ANYTHING that stands in our way of collecting that fan.


Eggman Nega: Why it's the most overpowered item in Smash history. Find it and we can have an army of fan-weilding robots!

Soran: Mom, there is an egg-shaped man in the distance searching for this "Fan" item.

Jessca: Why thats the most overerpowered item in smash history! If we can find it, we can stop working for Grima and rebel. We will be invincible, and I can finally afford a house.

Grimleal Beserker (Thork): Hey, uh, can you tell me why you killed me brother?

Jessca: Because he wanted to make out with me. No fi-

Grimleal Fighter (Gork): Well, I can't blame hi-

Jessca: Bolganone.

Thork & Gork: GUUAAAAAGGH!!!

Jessca: Anyone else want to make out with me?

The entire grimleal army scatters to find the Fan.

Jessca: If there is one more sexual reference in this story...

Snake: (I need to get the fan before the armys do, anyone I see I must silently kill them off. If either party finds me, I will die on the spot! I must be very sneaky...)

Demi Kingdom


TheTruePokemonMaster:Umm hi*hearts are in his eyes

Lana:Okay then..

TheTruePokemonMaster runs over to another wall

Impa:What the heck...

Lana:That demigod likes me

Impa:Is that bad?

Lana:I dont like him i just saw him for the first time so i dont know

The Dark Maze(From Finish The Story RPG)

Snake:I will cacth them

Grimleal Archer(Snark):Where can i find an enganment ring for Jessca?

Snake:Uhh *He grabs the archer and kills him


Snake:I got you kid!

  • Snake is about to snipe Soran when Snake gets attacked by Jessca!


Jessca:Looking for the fan eh

  • Snake is draged off by Jessca

Question Room

Jessca:Who are you..

Snake:Snake..Solid Snake

Jessca:Eh leave him in the maze he will never find his way out

Snake:That fan i need it to save...

Soran:Mom i am board i want to go play Team Fortress 2

Jessca:Ughh fine take my laptop but after that you are looking for the fan!

Grimleal Janitor(Revarad):I cant bellive this..

Subspace Toon Link:Okay i will go this way and you go that way..

Bowser Jr:Okay then

The Great Maze

Dr.Mario:Where are we?

Bowser:Shut up Quack

Dr.Mario:My feelings they are hurt

The Rift


The Rift:Hello Eevee rembember me?


Sanic:Okay then..

The Rift:I am stuck here forever and Subspace is colsapesing it will soon become part of the dark realm

Eevee:The Dark realm?

The Rift:That is where the Darkness comes from

Eevee: But isn't the Darkness CoachSDot fro another timel-

Rift: SHUT UP! ALL THAT IS CONFUSING!!!! Let me tell you somwthigg about the Darkness.

{Story time yeah!}

Long, long ago... in a realm far, far away... there was nothing but Good and Evil. The Good had won again and again over the Evil, so the Evil escaped into realm of kingdoms... the realm could not handle him in his purest form, so he needed a host who had the same conflict...

Sonic: Super Sonic Style!

Mario: Oh Yeah...

CoachSDot: (Time to end Mystic) HYA- GYAH!

The Evil had planted a dark seed into Coach, this made him act weird... Mystic had nothing to do with this, as you had previously beleived


Douglas: Coach seem a little crazy to you?

Marth: Nope.

After Mystic's defeat, Coach gave into the Darkness and killed everyone but Kirby, to later show that he could permenantly kill anyone as a warning to anyone who would defy him. He then created 3 henchmen, Gargan, King Blooper, and Eggman Nega to go to the past. The Darknesses dark intentions told him to make everyone he saw SUFFER!


{Demi Kingdom}

Darkness: (I sense my lowly developed origin story has been told) Darkmites, attack!

The darkmites invade the demi kingdom, killing off many civilians that couldn't escape.

Villager: No! P-please no!

Darkmite: !HAAAARRG

Villager: AAAUUGH!


Pit: The heck are they saying?

Mewtwo: Don't freaking know.

Dark Pit: Aren't a Pokemon? You can understand other pokemon, right?

Mewtwo: Those aren't pokemon.

Rosalina: What is even happening, the toen is engulfd in flames, overrun by beasts, and we are all scattered!



Demi Village(Number 24)



Meta Khight comes

Meta Khight: everyone get on


  • Halberd has to leave

The Village gets hit and it is slowy getting infected


Villager from Animal Crossing appears

Villager:i will help!

Chasm Of Ages

Meta Khight:Get into the caves everyone

Tempo:We have to go back up and save the other villages

Meta Khight:I will do that

The Dark Maze

Sign:Where forgetten characters go







Snake:Okay *Then he goes into a cell

King Deedee:Hello Roomate


King Deedee:did you get forgeton too


King Deedee:We have to escape somehow

Starfy: Eee?

Bunston: Listen Starfy, I have no idea where we are. Yeah...I think we're dead.

King Dedede: Hey, could you get us out of here?

Bunston: Oh, gotcha! Starfy, let's do it! Transform to seal!

Starfy: Toki, Toki! Tooo!

Am I still forgotten? Oh, good. Anyways, Starfy drilled a giant hole with his horn, allowing the two to escape. He then transformed back.

Snake: Never thought I'd be rescued from a prison cell by a seal. Now how are we going to get through this maze?

King Dedede: Well, I got a giant hammer, you got explosives, and I'm sure there guys can do something. Let's just bust down these walls!

After lots of smashing they came across a glass container containing... the fan!

Darkmite Guard: !sredurtni rednerruS

King Dedede: Hey, I have A really big hammer. Do you want to mess with me?

The Darkmite Guard ran away.

Snake: There it is, the most overpowered weapon in the history of Smash, so powerful, that it been banned in countless tournaments and even Smash 4, wich I'm still not in. *sighs and begins to grap the fan.

As soon as it's case was lifted, a trapdoor beneath then opened up.

Bunston: Oh no.

Starfy: Tokiiiiiiiiii... (Thud)

Duck Hunt Dog: Ruff, ruff, ruff!

Duck Hunt Duck: Wraahah!

Bunston: That Duck Jump really comes in handy, doesn't it? Thanks for the lift!


Grimleal Guard: Uh- They where right there, I swear! Some seal drilled a hole into the wall, n-no!

???: Final Flash!

Grimleal Gaurd: GUAAAGGH!!!

???: Next worker to defy me will die an even more painful death. That goes for you too Jessca and Eggman Nega, got it!

Orbot: Eggman Nega, why must there be an new villian introduced every ten seconds in this story?

Jessca: (Eggman tell your machine to shu-)

???: What is that I hear?

Eggman Nega: Nothing k-king Vegeta, we were just talking about uh..

Jessca: Some party we were planning. We were discussing the theme.

Vegeta: So, what's the theme?

Eggman Nega: The Disco era, alot of big flashy wigs and shiny clothing.

Jessca: Yeah, lots, of flashy lights and.. disco stuff.

Eggman Nega: Alot of disco pudding!

Jessca: (Disco Pudding!?)

Eggman Nega: (It's not like you know anything about disco!)

Vegeta:... Ok then. Carry on with your work and find that fan.

Jessca & Eggman Nega: Yes sir.

Vegeta's 2 henchmen leave.


CoachSDot: Great job guys!

Jessca: All this fake sweat is actually making me sweat.

Eggman Nega: And this bald cap might actually make me bald! There we go, great hair.

Vegeta: CoachSDot, one request.

CoachSDot: Yes?

Vegeta: please futher explain our role in the story.

CoachSDot: Let's see... you, Jessca, Eggman Nega, and your forces will be comic relief characters. we needed some. You three will play as comic relief characters. Constantly escaping death miraculously for this story and the rest. Just read this contract.

This contract binds you to the horror of being a comic releif character. The following will be tourtured by this inhuman punishment: Vegeta, Jessca and Eggman Nega. These people will play this role for the remainder of Finish The Story 2: Age of Mystic, Finish The Story 3: Revenge of The Evil Clones, Finish the Story 4: Smash Realm adventures, and Finish the Story 5: Return of the Darkness Being paid one dollar a day for their suffering. Have fun!

CoachSDot: Oh, did I mention I love how you have a 300+ IQ Eggman Nega?

Eggman Nega: Well, its just in me genes.

Vegeta: Wait! Read that contract...

This contract binds you to the horrors of being a comic relief character... Finish the Story 3... 4... 5... one dollar a day...

Jessca: Guys, we've been tricked!

Vegeta: **** my life

Olimar: This is break, but still no swea-

Eggman Nega: **** ***** *** * **** ***** ****

{End of Break}


(Back in the Maze of Darkness)

PSI Seven: I don't care. Besides, one would assume this story would end eventually right?

King Dedede: We need to get out of here.

Snake: The entrance is this way.

King Dedede: We're here. Hang on, I hear something. Hey! Who is there?

Shovel Knight: Fear not. I don't wish to bring harm. I have merely come to store these gems in this maze. I'm not sure what they are, but a man named Ike told me to hide them because the forces of evil were after them.

King Dedede: Well that would be a bad idea, this place is full of Darkmites and Grimleals, and we smashed most of the walls down. Wait, did you say Ike? Do you know where we can find him?

Shovel Knight: I dropped him off at the Demi Kingdom, along with his friends.

Snake: We don't have much time! We got the Fan from the maze. We have to leave before...

Vegeta: Get them!

Navi: Oh no, you don't! Hey, listen! Listen! Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen!

Eggman Nega: Aaarrggg! My ears are bleeding!

Navi: Quick, run!

Eggman Nega: ... What?

Jessca: We've been frozen for 4 days, waiting for someone to post a continuation to the story.

Vegeta: This is so boring...

King Dedede: Can we move now?

CoachSDot (Telepathy): Yeah whatever.

Vegeta: Who are you!?

CoachSDot (Telepathy): The person who mains you in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.

Bunston: Really, who is this guy?

CoachSDot (Telepathy): *Sigh* Unfreeze!

Everyone becomes un-frozen. Eggman Nega commands his entire bulk of Egg Pawns to spread across the maze while Jessca mounts her horse and searches for the escapers herself. Vegets simply sits near the exit, about to smoke up anyone who passes.

Shovel Knight: I think that we are being searched for.

Ike: We better run.

Buston: Which path do we take though?

Snake: I votr the green path

Starfy: Eeeee! (Points at the blue path)

Shovel Knight: Doesn't the hare and sealife creature have a transformation that allows them to burn through walls, or fly? What am I saying?

Starfy: Eee... :(

CoachSDot (Telepathy): Before someone activates the puff of logic and disables my telepathy abilities, first you need to know that even though I have played The Legendary Stary as a child, I barely remember any of the plot or any of Starfy and Bunston's transformations. Second, I need to let you know that I am in the maze. I am lost and need to be saved, I will explain everything about myself later.

Shovel Knight: I bet he fell in the dirt path. Lets go!

Starfy: Eeeee! (Points at blue path)

Ike: Why not the glowing radient path?

Blue Yoshi: Yoshi! >:( (Points at fire path)

Jessca spots the smashers arguing over which route to go through. She smirks and casts a Rexcaliber spell to spread her enemies across the maze.

Jessca: Rexcaliber!

Snake: Aaagh!

Starfy: Eeee!

King Dedede: Uwaaah!

Yoshis: Yoooooshiiiii-

Pac-Man: Waka.

Ike: Nooooo!

{Demi Kingdom}


CoachSDot: What?

PEASHOOTERFAN: This stone is causing us...

TheTruePokemonMaster: To transform!

???: Every ten years, three different ...

Donkey Kong: (Why is ??? so weird. It's a beast that speaks with a high-pitched voice. It's weird. Weird... thats a funny word. Weird weird weird weird weird. Lololol)

???: ... and that is why Red Gai's name is spelt wrong, it's actually "Red Gaia".

Everyone: Makes sense...

???: Anyway. You three have been chosen to carry the title of "Kunchi vokaino" It took the counsel a long time to make that name. Respect it.

CoachSDot: Kuchu Vickinu?

{End of Vison}

Sonic: He's been unconcious fo hours!

Shadow: When qillxthis Darkmite invasion end?

Shulk: ugh.

Sonic: Shulk, what happened?

What will Shulk do?

Tell everyone the vision he saw

Remain mute.

Shulk: Another vision. In it there was...

Kirby: We don't have time for idle conversations! These things won't stop until they destroy all of us!

Mega Man: I think we're winning!

The Darkness: Fools. At least 90% of my army remains

Sonic: Ok, we need a plan.

Villager: I see two options, we find a way to drive away The Darkness, or we run. I'm for the second one.

Rosalina: Being an entity of pure darkness, a light emiting device should render them to a defenseless state.

Kirby: It's a long shot, but do we have anything better?

Ness: PK flash!

Some nearby Darkmites: !hgrrrraaaaaaahG !hhhhnaaaaaA (More sounds of pain).

PSI Seven: I think it's working! TheTruePokemonMaster, is there anywhere in the kingdom where we can get flashlights?

TheTruePokemonMaster: There is a shoping center over there.

Kirby: Warp Star!

Later after crashing through the roof of a store...

Shulk: Everyone, grap flashlights and go! Move! Move! Move!

Later by the exit...

Cashier: Um, excuse me, you guys need to pay for that.

Sonic: Are you serious? We need these to defend the kimgdom, and possibly everything in existance!!!

Cashier: Sorry, you still have to pay.

Kirby: This is ridiculous!

Ness: Tell me about it.

Shadow: *groan* This post is long enough! Sonic come here! (Hits Sonic with a flashlight, causeing his rings to spill out of his body)

Sonic: Ow!

Shadow: Take these rings! Come on, lets go!

PSI Seven: Wait? We lost a little track of the story. Did Tempo and co. come with use?

Shulk: No, they a- (agh)

{Another vision!}

???: So, the power of Kunchi Vokaino, or shortly "Kai"

Goku: You know King Kai?

???: What is this monkey boy doing here?

Shulk: ???, I remember foreseeing this day, but just so my past self can remember, what is your name?

???: Very well, my name is...

Waluigi: (Waluigi no like this! Why do we need to be here for this and instead when we could be fighting Mystic, wait, Mystic turned good? Waluigi confused!)

Tempo: That is so interesting...

Rosalina: Intriguing...

???: Oh, I forgot to tell yo about the time Gokario and I...

CoachSDot: (I just noticed. If Shulk foresaw this, hoe does he know what we are thinking? Weird. Hehe, a funny word, weird weird weird weird weird weird weird...)

???: ... And that is why Darkmites speak backwards.

Ganondorf: ?oot eciov krad a ni sdrawkcab kaeps nac I ,rehtegot skeehc-ttub ym hcnelc tsuj I fi oS

???: Exactly.

{End of Vision}

Kirby: Oh my god this might as well be called "Darkness Rising 3" or something!

Shulk: Ugh...

Samus: Shulk! You have been unconcious for 3 freaking years!! There is only me and Kirby left! The Darkness has won!

Shulk: It cant be, nooooooo...

{Real Life}

Sonic: Guys, the Darkness has Shulk's unconcious body.

TheTruePokemonMaster: What!?

Villager: The Darkness has put him in a trance. He is in a dream and thinks that he is awake with himself being the only survivor of the Darkmite invasion.

Suddenly a darkmite latches itself onto Sonic, Sonic pulls it off after it bite his face, he threw it off.

Darkmite: !etelpmoc noissiM


Samus: Mario, you're a doctor right?

Mario: That's-a right.

Dr. Mario: And it only gets-a better with both of us!

Bowser: Oh, come on! FOUR variations of Mario in one game? This is rediculous!


Darkmite #56869677: ?!EREH GNIOD TAC A S'TAHW !YEH

Klonoa: Tabu! Trpredu!

Dedenne: The Infinity Gems...Have awakened.

Relm: Hey...What is this feeling?

Dedenne: The aura around you means the gems are near.

Kirby: Wait, I remember, Meta Knight took Tempo to The Chasm of Ages.

Silver: Here goes nothing.

TheTruePokemonMaster: This better work Rosalina. If I die, I won't be happy.

Mega Man: Wait, did someone fix R.O.B.?

PEASHOOTERFAN: I did. I contacted the number he sais and I was on the phone for a ridiculous amount of time trying to find out how to fix him. Apparently, they answer calls that are "very important" to them after several hours.

R.O.B.: Flashlight software instalation 100% complete.

Ness: Well, here goes nothing.

Everyone shines there flashlights, and any darkmite that came into contact with them shortly withered and died.

The Darkness: They may have won for now, but can never defeat me. After all, I still have Shulk, who can foresee the future, and Tabuu, the leader of the subspace army. (Flies away)

Kirby: He's gone!

PSI Seven: Don't worry guys. We rescued CoachSDot, so we can rescue Shulk. Oh yeah! Sonic!

Sonic: *groan*

Steve: What the hack is going on here?

Olimar: Don't you mean heck?

Steve: Are you kidding me? Everyone hacks on Minecraft, you little-

Olimar: No swea-

Steve then hit Olimar with a Diamond Sword, knocking him to the ground.

Steve: Just. Help us.

Olimar: Uggh, fine.

Steve: What the hack is going on here?

Olimar: Don't you mean heck?

Steve: Are you kidding me? Everyone hacks on Minecraft, you little-

Olimar: No swea-

Steve then hit Olimar with a Diamond Sword, knocking him to the ground.

Steve: Just. Help us.

Olimar: Uggh, fine.

Sonic: Guh, twicl ldo adoe (HMPH!)

Sonic barfs out a black egg with ancient patterns in a language only arctic beings can understand, but seemingly no one knows of that. After barfing the egg, Sonic turned darker and grew similar patterns on his skin.


Sonic: !!!SDRAWKCAB TNIKAEPS MA I HSOG YM ?!taht si kceh ehT

Falco: That was a blast!

Fox: You're only saying that because your flashlight battery didn't die the second you turned it on.

Ash: Well if the authors remembered what pokemon I had with me other that Pikachu, I wouldn't even need a flashlight.

Donkey Kong: OH OH OH!

Rosalina: The lot may bicker while the antrhoponotic erinaceinae regurgitated an egg of something concievable as a beast to devour us all.

{Dark Maze}

Pac-Man: ... wakakawaka...

The Blue Yoshi wakes up and slaps Pac-Man with it' tail, and sees a creature made of full ice plasma energy.

???: ughhh...

Blue Yoshi: Yoshi!

???: Crikey! It's a dinosaur!

Pac-Man: Waka.

???: Sorry mate, I didn't introduce myself, I am "Chiller" and am searching for a burning creature.

Red Yoshi: Yoshi?

{Somewhere else in the dark maze}

Ike: Hyah!

Shovel Knight: Yah!


Ike: I see a weird creature. He's made of full flaming plasma energy.

Shovel Knight: What could it be?

???: I believe the correct term is, who could it be.

Shovel Knight: Who are you?

???: My name is "Pyrotech", I am not from Killer Instinct, draw your own conclusions on what I look like, that is all you need to know before you BURN!!!!

Ike & Shovel Knight: UUGGH!

Meanwhile inside some sort of place.

Tabuu: Where am I?

The Darkness: That is for me to know and for you and everyone else to know about later.

Tabuu: Take me back. You don't know who you're messing with. (Attempts to attack The Darkness).

The Darkness: You can't defeat me, and once I have taken over your mind, and have all of the Subspace Army under my command, not even The Legion of Sages can stop me. (Takes conrol of Tabuu)

Later is Subspace, all the major villans are looking over a map of the realm of kingdoms.

Wart: We need the Infinity Gems.

Tatganna:The gems of weaponry and music should be here.

Red Gai: The gems of mischief, weirdness, and magic are somewhere in this general area.

Thunder Gargan: I know the gems of Noise, Mystery, Darkness, and subspace are here in the ocean.

King Blooper: Is ANYONE going to help me up?!

Grima: The gems of fire, ice, speed, and water are under there.

Troll Face: We have the gems of stars and flight. The gem of flatness is over there.

Illuminati: And the master gem's location is unknown.

Tabuu: You're not even close. Hahahaha!!

Everyone else: Tabuu?!

Grima: Whoa, is that...?

Tabuu: Yes that is The Darkness, and he's here to tell you all that you are horribly wrong.

The Darkness: Being from the future, and having a smasher who can see the future under my conrol, I know the mistakes The Fearsome Four made. All of you are now my minions. Together, we will find the gems and control all of reality.

Grima:Just when I was starting to enjoy being a leader

Inkling: Why, thanks for telling us where they are, dorks!

Shantae: Eat hair, idiots!

Troll Face: Woah! ...Hey, I'm not hurt! BUT WHERE ARE THE GEMS!?

Shantae: Did you really think that I would risk of the gems falling in that cliff? Of course we took them!

Grima: Rrrgghh...Get them now!

Geno: Geno Beam!

Tabuu: A- Oh, come on!

Staraptor: I traveled all this way so I could receive the gems. ...The final battle...Is soon...Inkling! Shantae! Geno! Hop on my back!

Staraptor swooped down and grabbed the Gem of Flatness, and acquired the Gems of Stars and Flight from Shantae.


  • {Meanwhile in the dark maze, behind a door}

Starfy: Eeee!

Snake: Shut up! We are surrounded by machines, battle hardened soldiers, and dark demons. We need to find that dude who spoke to use earlier.

???: Hello?

Starfy: (!)

Snake: (!)

???: It's me, CoachSDot, the person who communicated with you earlier.

Snake: Finnaly, we can get the others and leave this place!

CoachSDot: Actually... you and the others need to stay here until season 3.

Starfy: EEEE!?

CoachSDot: I will warp to the rest of the smashers, you and co. must prevent thefan from going into the hands of 4 different enemy forces. Each having their own dark intentions. Grima's Grimleal Army and Eggman Nega's robot army as a jount group, Pryrotech's army of limitlessly powerful flame plasma creatures, and the Darkmites. I will alert you and everyone else to meet by the giant beacon light over there. If they get that fan, they will become even more powerful than the Darkness and could swallow the universe! You will have to find a creature callled "Chiller" he will help you out if you pay him and convinve him to help you.

Snake: This "Pyrotech" Character and his army seems like a big problem, hopefully he hasn't found anyone.

{Somewhere else in the dark maze}

Pyrotech: INFERNO!

Shovel Knight: My armor and shovel are melting!

Ike: So is my Ragnell! We need to escape!

Vegeta: Not so fast Pyrotech, the fan is mine!

Vegeta descends to the ground, cornering Ike and Shovel Knight!

Pyrotech: Vegeta, we agreed that we would share the fan and split the galaxy.

Vegeta: Fool, that galaxy is mine and mine alone!

Ike: We need to find a way out and fast!

Shovel Knight: If only CoachSDot played Shovel Knight, he'd know of an ability that I could use to get us out of here!

CoachSDot: Freeze!

Pyrotech: The he-

Vegeta: Screw yo-

CoachSDot freezes Vegeta and Pyrotech.

Ike: Who are you?

CoachSDot: Call me "Tundra." Vegeta and Pyrotech will thaw out soon, we must talk now.


Shovel Knight: So there are 3 different armies spread in here, fighting eachother and us, and they are trying to take the fan from us?

CoachSDot: I forgot to say one thing, there is an arctic plasma being called "Chiller" who is in here. like Pyrotech, he has limitless power. If you can get him on your side first, then this mission will be a breeze. Group with the others by the huge beacon light over there.

Ike: Let's hope we can find chiller before he is manipulated.

{Another area in the dark maze}

Red Yoshi: Yoshi! (Man I wish I could talk)

Pac-Man: Waka (Tell me about it)

Blue Yoshi: Yoshi. (Wait, we can read eachother's minds!?)

Chiller: (They noticed that I gave them telepahic powers) As you just noticed, in order to survive here, you need a form of communication. Well, I am on my way...

Chiller leaves.

CoachSDot: I'm here! Hello yoshis and Pac-Man.

Pac-Man: (This thing scares me...)

Blue Yoshi: (Right, he is scary)


Red Yoshi: (Makes sense...)

CoachSDot: So, you've seen Chiller?

Others: ...

CoachSDot: ... I just spent 10 minutes talking to you, he could beon the other side of the maze against us by now!

Red Yoshi: (He's scaring me!)

Pac-Man: *Shivers in fear*

14:47, August 12, 2015


{Dr. Mario & Co}

Altus: Taste the power of the Holy Sword! Hyahh!

Frum: Altus!? Okay, I don't think we need anymore 3D Dot Game Heroes Characters. Plus, what will that do?

Altus: Oh, just shoot a beam that lets other Smashers know we're here.

Wario: What the heck did you need?

Mii Gunner: Yeah, not like you didn't call us here for no reason.

Lyra: I followed Altus to find Tempo and help you guys. I also shoot arrows to tell others that we are here.

18:27, August 12, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

{Real Life}

CoachSDot:... what is "3D Dot Game"? Well, I'll leave that in the hands of PEASHOOTERFAN.

{Shulk's Trance}

Shulk: This can'tbe happening! How could I have been unconcious for 3 years!?

Dream Kirby: The sooner you accept it the better. You and Samus need to repopulate the earth.

Dream Samus: Maybe we can talk about this after we escape all of these darkmites.

Shulk: Wait, wasn't the Darkness saying "I will not leave until all of the Smashers die!!"?

Dream Kirby: Uh, yes, he did.

Shulk: Then why is he gone? And where did all the villagers go? And if thr darkmites killed everyone but us, then why do I not see their corpses?

Dream Samus:...

Shulk: and why is it when you and Kirby speak, you both are labeled with "Dream" before your own names?

Dream Kirby: (He knows!)

Dream Samus: (Should we take him out of his trance or turn this place into some twisted dimension and reveal ourselves as dream eaters so he could fight us?

Shulk: What are you-

Twisted, black creatures burst out of the fake Samus and Kirby,as usual, draw your own conclusions on what they look like.


The entire area that Shulk previously thought to be the Demi Kingdom transforms into some twisted dimension. Just think on what it looks like yourselves, alot of floating objects, weird laws of physics, yeah yeah.

Shulk: Who are you?



The Black souls attack Shulk. He put up a fight, foreseeing their every move, but in the end, they were too powerful and ate him. As a result, the real Shulk at the mercy of the Darkness has a heart attack and quickly turns into a trophy in the real world.


Black Soul: WELL... WHAT NOW?



15:27, August 13, 2015


Riki: Riki crush enemy!

Black Soul: Arrggg!!! I should've known...Dude, he is too small to get into!

Black Soul #2: Are you ki-

Riki: Riki deal critical hit himself, but Riki leave that one for Dun Dun!

Dunban: Hyahhh!

Edited by PEASHOOTERFAN 17:17, August 13, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

Black Soul: GUHDO!!!

The black souls fall over and begin to weaken in power


Dunban: Because we are. Where is Shulk?


{Demi Kingdom}

Kirby: So, what now?

TheTruePokemonMaster: Follow the Darkness?

All the heroes fall down into the dark maze for no reason at all!

Sonic: ?ew era erehW

The egg Sonic vomited out begins to react strangly, a group of Pyrokinetic flaming plasma humaniods appear out of the ground and attack the smashers.




  • Flee
  • Items

Shadow: ...

PSI Seven:...

Sonic ...


Everyone Else: THIS IS NOT AN RPG!!!

18:24, August 13, 2015


Preencess Pitch: Oh no! There's some frozen fighters.

Waa Hoo: Waa Hoo! Yaa Hoo! Wa-HOOOOOOOOOOO!

Waa Hoo jumped on everything made of ice, breaking it. A pyrokin then attacked Waa Hee.

Waa Hee: Oh, noooooo!

Waa Ha Hoo: And itsa me! Wa, Ha, Hoo!

Waa Hoo and the others then ran away.


Kirby: No! We don't need that!

Adeleine: Huh? Kirby, what's going on?

Kirby: Adeleine! It's been so long! 15 years to be exact!

15:08, August 18, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

Gangrel:Walhart lets launch a attack on grima!

Walhart:I thought you worshipped him?

Gangrel:I only do lip service for the grimleal! Whatever that means.


Walhart kills grima easily.

Grimleal army:We are not actually grimleal either....

Grimleal army march to the place tabuu is.

19:47, August 20, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

Do any of you consider the above off-topic?

22:54, August 20, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

CoachSDot,I made that for the sake of being funny, like how Balloon chuck made BETTER NERF GRENINJA

11:16, August 21, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

i am back!!!!!!!!!!! i will post something today

14:58, August 22, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

I'm also back. I was on vacation without wifi and apparently I was robbed. Someone stole my profile pic.

So, one of the main villains was KO'd that easily, ok.

Dunban: Wait, if Shulk is dead, how can we still be here in his dream realm?

Black Sole #1:, reasons?

Riki: Maybe Shulk be dead, but not dead.

Dunban: Hm, later! (Leaves with Riki)

(Outside of Shulk's dream realm, where Shulk is)

Dunban: Wow, this place looks even weirder then the dream realm. Hm, I've never really been in Smash Bros. so, I just touch the trophy and that's it?

Riki: Riki never Smash either.

Dunban: Well, here goes nothing (revives Shulk)

Shulk: Hey, I'm alive! (When Shulk awoke, his dream realm vanished into nothingness taking the Black Soles with it) Where are we? (gasp) Subspace!?!?


The Darkness: I feel that Shulk has been released from my control. Red Gai, deal with him.

10:48, August 24, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Subspace Red GaI:Yes master

    • Red Gai summons Grimeal Soliders

Shulk:JUMP! Mii Gunner:Pew Pew Pew!

    • Everyone looks at the Mii Gunner


    • Everyone goes back to fighting

Dunban:If we can get to the portal then we can get back to the real world which is still under siege by the Villans

Demi Kingdom TheTruePokemonMaster:ZZZZZZZZZZZZ What there is a battle going on Mystic:Yeah!

13:09, August 25, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

(Mario uses his F.L.U.D.D on the pyrokin, OHKOing them.

Chiller: Whoa nice mate! Whenever I fight those guys it takes much longer.

Ash: Um, hello? You're made of ice and they're made of fire. Haven't you ever played Pokemon?

Chiller: Not once mate. Say, if you help me defeat this burning creature named Pyrotech, I'll help you with whatever you need.

PEASHOOTERFAN: That depends, how powerful are you?

Chiller: I have limitless power.

PSI Seven: Deal! Oh by the way, we need you to help us defeat a humongous dark dragon. Thanks.

Chiller: Now you tell me.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Hang on, where is TheTruePokemonMaster?

Fox: He must still be in the Demi Kingdom.

Edited by PSI Seven 21:37, August 26, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Demi Kingdom

The Darkness:Come to your new leader!

Mystic:We have to close the gates to the city and we have to get everyone out and get to the Chasm Of Ages

TheTruePokemonMaster:We have to fight for are friends and family


Pit:They are getting in!

??? Pinkie Pie:We will never get into Smash Bros 

Rainbow Dash:Well we will have to wait

Shrek:Well i might get in 

Pinkie Pie:We need to get out of here

21:54, August 26, 2015

  • PSI Seven 


Inkling: Look down there! (points at Shulk and co.) It looks like they need our help.

Staraptor: Hey you guys! Jump on quick!

Shukl, Dunban, Riki, and Mii Gunner get on Staraptor

Red Gai: Oh no you don't you aren't going anywhere. (Yells) Wait, why aren't I doing anything?

PSI Seven: I've never heard of you, so I have no idea what you do sorry. (I'm not in Subspace, I'm still in the maze, just so you know)

Red Gai: Nooooooooo!!!!

Geno: Later losers!

(Shulk, Staraptor, Inkling, and those with them leave Subspace, only to find the Demi Kingdom under attack)

00:27, August 27, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Demi Kingdom

TheTruePokemonMaster:Come on people we have to get onto the moutain

    • 1000's of cillvlians follow him

Mystic:Heads UP!

    • Staraptor crashes down 

TheTruePokemonMaster:PSI SEVEN!

Mystic:Great to have ya back

PSI Seven:Where is Coach and PEASHOOTER?

TheTruePokemonMaster:I dont know i think they are somewhere else

Mystic:Cmon lets get everyone up the mountain

The Darkness:NOT SO FAST!

TheTruePokemonMaster:Myst go!

    • Everyone expect PSI Seven and TheTruePokemonMaster

The Darkness:You cant escape me!

The Fork in The Road

Rainbow Dash:We have wandered for hours!

Pinkie Pie:But we will stumble upon the Candy Kingdom

Rainbow Dash:Umm is that a kingdom under attack


00:48, August 27, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

Kirby: Wait, were did PSI Seven go?

Falco: He said he would PSI Teleport to TheTruePokemonMaster. Remember?

Kirby: Oh yeah.

(Some place else)

Steve: Ok, what do you want?

Olimar: I need to find my friends. Do you have a mode of transportation or something?

Steve: No, but if you give me the name of one of your friends, I can use a teleport cheat to teleport us there.

Olimar: Ok. Hm, how about Solid Snake?

Steve: Ok.

(Two teleports later, where Snake and Starfy were)

Snake: What was that!?!

Steve: Sorry, the teleport is kind of instant.

Snake: Well, now you scared the sh..

Olimar: No swearing

Snake: (gives Olimar a nasty look) ...out of me and blew our hiding spot.

Olimar: Opps. Sorry.

(Pyrotech's army finds them)

01:06, August 27, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Near the Demi Kingdom

Jessca:We got this under control


Pinkie Pie:HELLO!

Grima:What the heck!

Grimleal Captain(Kyle):It is a Pony it is a topic of people named Bronie's and Pegasister's

Grima:Well what ever it is kill it!

Jessca:i want the Pink one!

Rainbow Dash:Nobody hurts my friends!

    • Rainbow Dash attack The Grimleal army
    • it does 14 damage..



01:40, August 27, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

Robotnik:SnooPINGAS usual I see?

Robotnik fires a dark matter laser at the Ponies.

Edited by DarkPit001 11:28, August 27, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

Mountain near the Demi Kingdom:

Meta Knight: LEAVE THEM ALONE!! (Fires the Halbred's main cannon at the darkness.

Tempo: Did everyone froget about us? We've been in that chasm for ages!

PSI Seven: Thanks guys! (Teleports himself and TheTruePokemonMaster to the Halbred) Now lets finish this thing and get out of here.

Meta Knight: No, my Halbred isn't powerful enough to defeat The Darkness.

TheTruePokemonMaster: Plus, Mystic and thousands of civilians are there, if we leave The Darkness will kill them!

Mystic: Hey, are those Infinity Gems?

Geno: Yep, the ones of Stars and Flight.

Shulk: Infinity Gems? What are those?

Mystic: Anchient gems that give the user new and incredible powers. There basically a spin off of the infinity stones from Marvel comics. Let me see them. I think I can use them to get rid of The Darkness. (Mystic grasps the gems, and their power begins to flow through her. She then flies into the air and attacks The Darkness with stars)

Everyone: Whoa

The Darkness: AAAAAAAAA!!! To bright!! (Flees)

12:12, August 27, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

{Dark Maze}

CoachSDot: Now that I am back, time to figure out where the heck I am...

???: Greetings Coach...

A mysterious figure in a black robe walks toward CoachSDot


CoachSDot: HOLD THE PHONE! There are too many villians and plots in this story. This isn't Kingdom Hearts! None of these plots are even answered! 

???: Oh come on! You are typing this!

CoachSDot: Ok fine, ONR more plot, and your origins have better been answered at the end...


A figure in a black robe walks by. Their face is not visible to CoachSDot.

CoachSDot: I know that energy!

???: You recognize me. Then you must know why I am here.

CoachSDot: Half of the smashers are inside this maze, searching for Pyrotech. I told you, these people are not toys. You can't just keep warping them to the Realm of Kingdoms.

???: I can do so if I want! Gomori!

The robbed figure raises their arms in the sky, and purple smoke filled CoachSDot's eyes. When he finally was able to see, he saw every single villian introduced into the story so far excluding the Darkness.

???: These clones are at quarter power compared to their real counterparts. Good luck.

CoachSDot: Hey, wait!

The robbed figure walks away, and a dark portal appears. They walk through and it dissapears as they walk through.

Clone Grima: HYAAAAAAAHH!!


Clone Tabuu: Muhahahaha...

CoachSDot: Well, time to test my high power...

[Insert epic boss fight here]

00:59, August 28, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

Robotnik sings this:

10:18, August 28, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Near Demi Kingdom


Pinkie Pie:That not very nice!

Rainbow Dash:Ughh i wish some others can help

    • Lucario appears

Lucario:Get Away from these ponies

Jessca:Why should we?

Lucario:Because they are not worth it


    • Rainbow Dash attacks Jessca!

Jessca:What the....


    • Sherk throws Jessca into the Demi Kingdom

Demi Kingdom

    • Demi Soliders fight Grimleal Soliders


    • everyone falls off the wall





Jessca:Son you are going to take my axe and chop that green thing's head off

Soran:Dont die..

Jessca:I have to.

    • Jessca dies


Demi Captain:Kid you are under arset


    • Soran kills all the Demi soliders and the captain

21:18, August 28, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

On an unrelated dimension: Some guy:Spastan,this is madness! Leonard:Madness? THIS IS SPARTA

22:58, August 28, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

Near the Demi Kingdom

Lucario:Go my newly made friends go to the Portal Of Diemsions this world is crumbling!


Grimleal Captain(Kyle):SIR LOOK!

    • Chasm of Ages starts to move!


    • Grima kicks in Lucario and Kyle into the Chasm!


TheTruePokemonMaster:Hey dumbo eat this!

    • TheTruePokemonMaster kicks Grima into the Chasm!

Chasm Of Ages


Lucario:Lets finish this!

Kyle:We are stuck we arent getting out of here!

The Chasm Of Ages:This is the aceenient resting place of many fallen heroes and villans you have joined them 

Lucario:Not every smasher may surive


    • Grima starts to sink into the ground

Lucario:Its payback *Lucario sinks into the ground

Portal Of Demisions

TheTruePokemonMaster:We killed Grima!

Mystic:Finally i always hated him i never liked him

PSI Seven:Now ready!


    • The Demi Gods open the portal

Mystic:Go citzens of the Demi Kingdom you must go into a new domian

TheTruePokemonMaster:We are going to get everyone else!

23:23, August 28, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

{Dark Maze}

CoachSDot: I need to find him! Hopefully he hasn't found the party yet...

Blue Yoshi: (Those things were scary!!)

Pac-Man (Were's Hulk?)

Red Yoshi: (Ike.)

Pac-Man: (Yes that's what I said.)

{With Steve}

Steve: Oh look! Obsidian! Let's build a nether portal.

Snake: You mean a portal to h-

Steve: Nether...

Snake: He-

Steve: Nether!

Snake: ... So he-

Steve: /kill Snake

Snake: GUAGH!!

Snake disappears and respawns.

Snake: The heck was that!?

Steve: This ia my server, I have the power of a god. Don't tick me off!

???: You wouldn't know the power of a god if you were granted such power...

Starfy: Eeee {Shiver}

Olimar: Who is that?

The unknown robed figure arrives.

???: Today is the day... everything ends... Gomora!

Starfy, Steve, Olimar, and Snake are surrounded by other robed figures. The figures trap the 4 in a gravitational rift.

???: Kill them all... I have business to attend to with Mystic...

The robed figure leaves.

Starfy: EEEEEE!

Snake: What do we do?

Steve: /tp all demikingdom


Steve: Oh no!


The pawns turn Steve, Starfy, Snake, and Olimar into trophies. The only difference is that the trophy base is black, meaning that they cannot be revived under normal conditions. The pawns leave the area in dark portals.

Shortly after, the entire party of smashers arrive at this area to discover the defeated heroes.

PEASHOOTERFAN: Oh boy, it's him again...

Marth: Who?

Silver: We gotta revive them!

Douglas: We can't, for some reason they won't revive.

PEASHOOTERFAN: It's the work of his magical pawns...

Falco: Wait? You know who did this?

CoachSDot: Watch out!!

Everyone: Coach?

CoachSDot's warning was not in vien. Behind Ganondorf (We really beed a character group update) formed a dark puddle. Out sprouted a robed figure who's face is not visible.

Unlike the previous figure, it had red eyes glowing from the hood and had a pattern on it's coat, the very same pattern Sonic grew after being hugged by a darkmite. We will call ths creature "Nightmare"

Nightmare growls and stares at Sonic...

Sonic: ?tahW

Nightmare manifest's itself inside Sonic, turning him into a dark version of himself.

Nightmare Sonic: *Heavy Growling*

Rosalina: I was correct! The decoration inscribed on Sonic was a composition for a corrupt monster to slaughte-

Luigi: Too many words!

Mario: Stop-a and help us fight this monster!

What is this creature!? Is Sonic gone for good? Is this monster too powerful for even the demi-gods to handle? Will the writers finally be ableto organize this story? Find out next time in Finish The Story 3: Nightmares to come! Or maybe we can continue here. Whatever the group agrees on...

02:16, August 29, 2015

  • DarkPit001 

Robotnik:Sonic fell for it! Ill have to get myself a PROMOTION!

11:26, August 29, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

hmm i was thinking the same thing but maybe we could also call it Finish The Story 3:The Crumbling World

14:10, August 29, 2015

  • TheTruePokemonMaster 

i will create it

14:14, August 29, 2015

  • PSI Seven 

Wait, a THIRD FTS has been created? Dang I missed a lot.

20:02, August 30, 2015

  • CoachSDot 

I know, the plot so far is an unknown robed figure called Modu is stalking the smashers, he is preparing to return them to the realm of smash, along with their allies, but they will soon find they are better off dead than in Modu's grasp...