For people who randomly found this wiki


What on Earth have I found?

Just a wiki based around a game on the Super Smash Bros wiki.

So it's like a RP thread or a fanfic or something?

Not sure if it is technically a RP thread, or a fanfic. If you want to call it that go ahead. I don't care.

This is cringy AF

Yeah so what? Go somewhere else then.

Welcome to the Finish the Story Finish the Story Finish the Story Finish the Story Finish the Story Finish the Story Wikiaaaaaa

Finish the Story 2 Age of Mystic

Welcome to the Finish the Story wiki! It's about an article on Smashpedia that used to be a fan-game, but now it's an epic saga! This Wiki will tell you all about the different characters in Finish the Story, Finish the Story 2: Age Of Mystic, and any of our other stories

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I can't believe you forgot to add a topic dudes. Oh, well. Anyway, if there are any newcomers, welcome to FTS. Please add to our stories, but don't be a derp like this one dude we had.... But I'm off topic. If you're a veteran FTS-er, welcome back! Pleased to have you with us! Please keep FTS alive and post in the threads. See ya later!

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