Age FTS 0: 10

FTS 2-6: 17

Status Owns a hero training academy.
Species FTS 0: Human

FTS 0 and onward: Formless being of pure energy.

Allies FTS 2: Fearsome Four

FTS 0 and FTS 2 and onwards: Legion Of Sages.

Universe of origin Finish the Story
Physical attributes
Height Human: 5" 2"

Energy: Changeable

Weight Human: Aprox. 75 lbs.

Energy: Changeable.

 Mystic is PSI Seven's cousin and one of the first major original characters in FTS.


Mystic and PSI Seven get along very well, especially after the events with The Illuminati. She is also great friends with CoachSDot , TheTruePokemonMaster , and PEASHOOTERFAN. However, after an incident with The Notch Apple, she was banished to another realm by a golem , and later joined forces with The Fearsome Four. Later on in FTS 2, she forgave her friends and rejoined them.


Mystic's most famous ability is to alter the fate of any being. This, however, requires a lot of energy to produce, and is thus only seen a few times. She also has the ability to use multiple Infinity Gems, as a result of being a formless being of energy.


  • Her original name, Mayella, is lously based off of PSI Seven's IRL cousin's name.