Rayman Photo

Rayman is a character introduced in Finish the Story 2: Age of Mystic. He, along with Tempo, Waluigi, Proto Man, and Silver, comes from the Dark Future where the Fearsome Four rule over the world.



This version of Rayman arrived in a rocky lands area where Ryu, Samus, Dark Pit, Robin, and R.O.B where. He landed on Ryu and the whole group became catious and assumed he was assosiated with the Fearsome Four. Suddenly a dark figure appeared behind him, later to be revealed as The Darkness

Fixed Future

Following most of the events from the Present Timeline, excluding all interactions with Gargan, The Darkness, and changes made by them, he and the party defeat Mystic, but before dying, she changes CoachSDot's fate. His final form is changed to an evil dragon that killed everyone, including this version of Rayman.